The Importance of Responsive Web Design

If you own a website or are in the process of getting one for your business, then you’ve probably heard the term ‘responsive web design’ quite a lot. But what exactly is responsive web design? For the past few years, it has dominated websites and transformed the way in which businesses build their online presence. A website that has a responsive design is a site that’s able to adapt to the screen that it is being viewed on, regardless of the device. The website will automatically reformat to ensure that the viewer is having the best experience, whether they are visiting on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The Different Types of Web Design:

Web design comes in a range of different types – including fixed, fluid, responsive, and adaptive.

Fixed: Also known as static, this type of web design has a fixed width measured in pixels. The website is designed not to move, so it’s no surprise that this type of web design is one of the least popular these days. This type of design may look great on your PC screen but be a nightmare to navigate on your smartphone.

Fluid: This is a more flexible layout and sizes are specified in percentages rather than pixels. When the screen sizes changes, the proportion of elements will remain the same. However, there are some drawbacks – for example, on smaller screens, columns and other elements can be tiny.

Adaptive: Adaptive web designs have several versions of the layout. The most appropriate one is displayed based on the screen size that the viewer is using. For example, this could be a separate layout for mobile viewers or a ‘mobile site’.

The Difference Between Apps and Websites:

So, you know it’s important to ensure your business is friendly to mobile users, with more and more business transactions than ever being made on smartphones these days. But, should you pile all of your resources into a responsive website, or opt for an app instead? An app can be a useful tool if you’re selling online, but it should never take the place of your responsive website. After all, your customers are going to visit your website first, and the experience that they have there will determine whether or not they download your app. And don’t forget that whilst apps may not be downloadable on all devices, your website can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

The Importance of Responsive Design:

There are several reasons why responsive design is important. First of all, it’s crucial for your search engine rankings, with Google and other search engines offering favour to responsive sites due to the superior user experience that they provide. And, it will boost the reputation of your company – if you’ve ever tried to access a website with a fixed design on your smartphone, chances are your opinion of that company has gone down, compared to one that provided you with a seamless experience across all devices. A responsive design shows your potential and existing customers that you’re a modern, up-to-date company that cares about their experiences.

There’s no doubt about it – any modern company needs a sleek, Best responsive web design offering users the best experience on every device. Get in touch with Web Ignite today to get your responsive web design started.