Implementing Guided Math: Tools for Educational Leaders

Guided math

Guided math can be elaborated as:

  • Four minor clusters
  • Four math rotations and each with a very precise focus.

A group of creative teachers decided the acronym “MATH.” It is used to classify each rotation. The length of every such rotation hinges on the time duration and strength of the mathematics class. For example, if the time for class is 90 minutes, then each rotation is going to last for 20 minutes. Some simple yet complicated queries such as what are Significant figures? What is the standard form? Or how to find midpoint? etc. cannot be easily understandable for every student in one go. Some need sets of repetitions to fully understand the concept. Guided math can do wonders for all such learners.

How does it work?

Names of the tools that are used to implement the guided math in the classroom describe the objective of its use during any rotation. Therefore, it will be easy for students to understand what they are going to do. For example, if you are using XtraMath, which is a free web-based program designed for educators, students will be assigned different extra math workbook pages again and again for practice.  

Benefits of guided math tools

  • Sometimes teachers on the elementary level have to spend a massive part of the time on reading so that students can understand the instructions easily. But with the help of the guided math instruction tool, teachers can give a lecture to the relatively wide range of classes and meet their needs in the classroom more effectively in less time.
  • It will be helpful for all those students who need an enormous number of repetition of instruction and lectures. It will save time for teachers, and students can listen and practice again and again until they understand any concept completely.
  • Sometimes giving instructions about the different mathematical forms such as standard notation is easy for teachers, but following the instructions is a complex task for the students. Some Students can use a standard form calculator or standard notation calculator to solve any given arithmetic problem, but some special students need guided math tools in the starting years of school to enhance their progress more effectively.
  • It caters to a very extensive assortment of the needs of students in any classroom. It does not ignore all those students who need more reverberation of any lecture.
  • It takes care of all those students who require more readiness in all the classes.
  • Its implementation handles all those top students in the class who need to be thrown down the gauntlet above their peers.
  • To find out significant figures other than the assistance of a significant figures calculator or sig fig counter, guided math tools can provide support to the concept.

Tools for an educational leader

Down below is a list of some efficient and interesting tools to enhance the performance of the students during math class.

Math Rotation

It is the assembly of timed slides that assist teachers in managing their math rotation block. All they have to do is to open the slide. Each slide has an automatically fixed time. There is a section to support the students in being organized and to keep them on the working track. Slides can be projected on the board to make them available for the whole class. Particular rings are costumed at the accomplishment of each rotation. On the bell, students will understand that it’s time to move to the next rotation. There are four rotations:

  • Math with teacher
  • At your seat
  • Technology
  • Hands-On.

Some cleanup slides are present at the end and before the beginning of the next rotation. You can edit the slides and add the content according to the requirements and needs of students as well.  

Math Spin Board

As the level of class increases, more responsibilities will be added up in the file of the teacher. A Guided Math and Science Spin Board is very competitive and demands graphic and logistic tools for both the teacher and students during their mathematical or science class. While using this tool, 4 or 5 rotations can be chosen. Several rotations depend on the levels of work.  

Math Center Variation Chart

You can support math centers to run effortlessly with this programmed PowerPoint chart. It assists the whole year to distinguish students in their respective group. It makes changeovers more relaxed throughout the center time. In Math center rotation PowerPoint, the entire duration to play is about 60 minutes. The next slide will appear once the automatic time is ended. It has further categories as follows:

The name of the student will be editable only. It has the following rotations: 

  • My Teacher
  • At Your Seat
  • Technology
  • Hands-On
  • Two PowerPoints to choose from

Furthermore, the following slides will appear. Each slide has 15 minutes to be on screen. After 15 minutes, the next slide will come out with a bell. For example, if you are teaching the use of the midpoint calculator, then the slides will be:

  • Introduction Slide that includes all the basic information about the tool.
  • Four Slides will include the working procedure of the midpoint formula calculator. Each with a duration of 14 minutes
  • Four slides with the duration of one minute to display and reaming information in bullets. Such as revision or some important key steps to remember.  
  • Four Clean Up Slides with a time duration of 30 seconds. They will give a bell as an indication before moving on to the next.
  • Given time duration can be edited at every point. The teacher can set it according to needs and requirements.

Math Workshop Visual Organizer

This Guided math workshop can give the visual display that keeps every student well knowledgeable about any particular topic. Let’s take the example of a lesson on standard form calculators. The teacher can use some simple labels to make the instructions clearer and interesting. Different kinds of backgrounds can be added, as well. Teachers can simply cut out the pages to make the visual representation of the calculator and point arrows to the steps. In this way, students will be able to learn the working procedure of the standard notation calculator more comprehensively. Furthermore, it will enhance their interest, as well.

Guided Math Digital Rotation Board Pack

It is a kind of digital board that is specifically designed to assist students with exactly what they are going to do. For example, if you want to teach them mean, mode, median, and range, you can add a visual representation of each term using beads, colorful charts, or some other eye-catching material. A mean median mode range calculator can be supportive of the students as well. All you have to do is to search for the mean median and mode tool online and fill the required fields. On hitting the calculate button, students can find their answers.