5 Free Resources for Content Marketers with free Grammar Checker

When it concerns the fast-paced digital marketing arena, the content remains king – maybe more than ever. Content Marketing holds an extraordinary amount of value, mainly once you think about the customer’s elegance. Nobody wants inexpensive clickbait thrust under their noses, so people wish to be dazzled, educated, motivated, and participated. Here we will discuss five free online resources for content marketers. It’s essential to read reviews of free online tools before choosing one. Not only do they help you narrow down the options, but they’re also a great way to stay informed about what’s new in the digital arena. 

Let us look at five free resources for content marketers

  1. Writer – Quality Grammar Checker for Professionals
  2. Pablo – Imagery Solution
  3. Epic Beat – Dazzling Headlines
  4. Biteable – Video with e-mail
  5. Online Correction – Online checkеr for spelling and diction

Writer – Quality Grammar Checker for Professionals

Writer goes above and beyond conventional free grammar checker. Besides covering the fundamentals — punctuation, grammar, and tone –, Writer plays more information evaluations than any other online writing helper. Writer’s key differentiator is its capability to enhance your writing. For professional work, it is to be sure that you’re using the ideal tone, writing style, and vocabulary for your readers.

The writer is quickly becoming the top writing helper for businesses. It also publishes content tips, defines phrases and terms which put your brand apart from the competition. It customizes your brand-specific content principles to fix the edits you are making over and above. While utilizing the style guide portal site arranges data at one spot for easy sharing and updating. 

Pablo – Imagery Solution

If it comes to content promotion, image is essential. In reality, according to a recent analysis, 29 percent of marketers verified that visual advertising was the most crucial element to grow their business. Now consumer scans webpages on laptops, notebooks, and cellular devices to catch their attention with eye-catching visuals are vital. 

Pablo is developed by the people from Buffer; the system’s accessible design means that you don’t have to be a professional picture editor to make eye-catching resources for your site posts or societal articles. With pop-up tutorials that will assist you, you may make a plethora of top-notch images effortlessly.

EpicBeat – Dazzling Headlines

Studies indicate that 78 percent of individuals never read beyond the guide or email topic line’s headline. By composing a powerful headline that grabs attention and guarantees worth, you stand a much higher prospect of customers sticking around to find out exactly what you need to say.

EpicBeat is a material advertising tool that finds you useful content to research based on a specific search phrase. By showing top-performing articles based on a particular topic, you will have the ability to see what works best with customers within your specialty and be motivated to generate excellent content. EpicBeat is packed full of helpful features and boasts excellent tutorials to assist its users in accessing grips with its interface effortlessly; it is also perfect for articles curation functions. 

Biteable – Video with e-mail

Were you aware that adding a video onto a landing page may raise your conversion rate by up to 75 percent while incorporating a video into an email can increase your CTR by a whopping 200-300 percent? Additionally, 85 percent of consumers state that videos are useful in regards to decision making.

If you are generating head-turning video content to get a social networking drive, product marketing, Vlog, or promotional effort, Biteable is hard to beat. With hundreds of unique templates, visual designs, animated scenes, photographs, or live-action videos to pick from, you do not have to be an expert filmmaker to utilize Biteable – and the results are excellent. 

Online Correction – Online checkеr for spelling and diction

Online Correction has two significant upsides: it is quite simple to use and 100% free! The application has an easy-to-use site where you will enter your text and test it for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Additionally, it gives hints for language and sentence structure to enhance your writing style. The simple fact that Online Correction is making it perfect for students or anyone who cannot afford costly tools. But this does mean you’ll be seeing non-personalized advertisements.