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Best Beauty Camera Filter App for Youngsters: B612

The young generation likes to adorn themselves in beauty filter and these are quite addicting and fun too. The market of photography and beauty filter is fled with so many apps; these filters face tunes the facial features and make pictures look perfect. Even though the smart phones come up with the best technological features in the phone, somehow they fail with the inbuilt camera features and provide with disappointing selfie features. Fortunately, the beauty filter apps are here to save the day. One of the most popular apps among the young generation is b612.

What Features Are Unique to B612?

B612 2019 is unique in its features that it offers to its users for a perfect selfie click. It is compatible with android and IOS devices, and has more than 50 filters to explore. You can download more filters and you can also discard those that you don’t use. There is an option to mark your favorite filters as well. You can also edit your background to make it more fun and unique.

The pictures on your phone get synced with the B612 app and you can have access to edit your pictures later on. Selfie timer is a very handy feature that most of them appreciate; you can let the countdown begin and choose to pose in the perfect angle before the camera shutter clicks. The most convenient feature is the touch mode for the pictures that lets you click pictures by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Also, it allows you to remove its B612 watermark, in case, you want to hide your beauty filter secrets. Speaking of beauty filter, b612 gives access to special features like slimming down the face, adjusting the shape of your chin, minimizing or maximizing the size of your nose lips and enlarging your eyes. This app is a one stop shop to all the filter and edits you might need for your pictures. You can click and save features in High resolution as well

Can it be Downloaded on Computer?

B612 2019 is not only compatible for android and IOS devices but it can also be downloaded on your personal computer. You can have access to the same features that are available on your smart phones. You can also take selfie via your webcam and also edit the pictures that are already saved on your computer. You can download stickers and add it for a fun representation on your pictures. You can download a sticker and apply it on your face representing it. There are audio embedded stickers, you can explore and experiment with these filter and find your favorites.

These beauty filters offered on B612 2019 lets you be creative and enhance your features. From amazing filters, stickers to adding music to the videos, you can explore the entire filter collection on this app. It is not confined to just selfie and features of front camera but also works well for photography with back camera. Download and launch the app to be creative with the fun filters and sticker; explore the one stop shop of filters.