Top 8 Uber App Features Know Before Creating Uber Clone App

App-based on-demand transport/cab services have built a significant market of their own.  The cab aggregator business is booming at the moment and has attracted many firms and start-ups to venture into the domain.

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to create an on-demand Uber app clone for business purposes then I assure you that you are at the right place. Uber is a renowned app in the domain and has a lot of features in its application.  However, choosing the best ones for your app and not looking like a copy might be a little tricky. To ease your tensions in this regards here we bring to you the Top 8 Uber App Features You Must Check Before Creating Uber Clone App. Just check them out.

Book Now Or Later 

One of the most important features of the Uber app, which is a must-include feature for your Uber app clone. The book now or later feature allows the users to book cabs on the spot or for the future. Booking a cab is the primary feature of the application, which now comes with an enhanced feature that allows the user to book rides for future trips. 

“What to include in this feature ?”  is probably the next question you would ask, no worries we have it right here. You should ask for the following details when the user wants to book a ride. 

    • Ask for the pickup location 

    • The drop location

    • What type of vehicle they want to book. 

    • The exact date, time for the pickup if the ride is booked for future reference. 

This is one of the most used and important features of the Uber application, as the users use it whenever they want to reach their designation on time without fail and features like scheduling a ride, advance booking comes in handy in a situation like these. 

Book For Someone Else 

You know when your friend asks you to book a ride for him because of any certain reason, and you have to do it and then become the coordinator between the driver and your friend. Well, these are exactly the problems Uber is successfully tackling with its book for someone else’s feature. With this feature, if the pickup location is not where you are then the app will ask you if the ride is for you or some else. This also allows users to choose any one from his list of contact and the ride will be booked for him and now this number will be used to coordinate the location. Well, the most important thing when booking a ride for some else is paid, no worries as you can simply choose cash as the payment option. With this, the rider will get two messages one about the details of the rider and another to track his ride.   

Become The Uber Driver 

Well if you are thinking that you will have to quit your job and become a full-time cab driver then no, this is not what this is about, neither do you have to buy a taxi nor will you have to become a permanent cab driver. All you have to do is join Uber commute and help your private car sign up. So basically you can carpool with someone with a private car. It’s a great feature making riding through Uber a lot easier and faster. 

Well once you are registered watch on the app from 7 am to 9 pm and it will prompt you to enter your destination and pair you with another rider heading in the same direction. So there you have a simple feature for people to make money and do some good in the process. It is a great Uber feature and you can also include it in your Uber app clone. 

Share Ride Details And Splitting Bill 

If you want someone to access your location and let them know where you are then the Uber app has the best feature for you.  You can share your ride details with anyone, for instance, your family. This way they will know where your Uber is till the trip is over. All you need to do is share the details from the app using a shared ride option. This is a great feature that could be included in Uber app clones. Well, this feature is not just limited to sharing rides, it also allows you to split the bill with anyone in your contact. All you have to do is select split the fare, then select a contact and hit send. The receiver will get a link with the details of the fair of the ride and they can pay for it. These small features are what make the Uber application one of the best and if you want to go near the original then clone needs to have both of these amazing features.  

Multiple Payment Options 

Uber has a lot of payment options such as Paytm, debit card, credit card, master card, net banking, UPI, etc. You need to have at least more than 2 payment options in your clone. 

Preferred Driver 

Uber even allows the users to select their preferred driver for their ride. This way users can ride with the same rider daily without any problem. 

Multiple Drop Points

It is not necessary that the users only have to visit one designation that is why Uber app provides multiple drop points for a single ride. 

Review And Rating 

Customer experience is what matters the most in this business and Uber knows it, that is why Uber has a feedback form after every ride, which helps them improve their user’s experience. 

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Sunny Chawala is a Marketing Manager at Uber Clone app company, which is clone app Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by airbnb clone app Services. I would love to share thoughts on Uber app clones and on demand house cleaning app development  etc.