How Social Media Mascot Impacts Online Engagement?

Social media has been considered the most influential platform over the internet that human beings have ever come across. There are a number of applications such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter that have resulted in being some of the largest brands in the world. It is not only because of the features but also through branding that these platforms have reached the top-tier. A social media mascot is one such element that can deeply impact online user engagement over these platforms. It elevates the prominence and identity of these brands. 

What Is A Social Media Mascot?

Although there is no specific thing, such as a social media mascot, the term has been used to refer to depict logos and icons representing any brand or organization. In general, a mascot is believed to act as a lucky charm. Any object, human figure, or animal could be used as a mascot or symbol for representing a particular event, brand, community, or sports team. 

Thus, a social media mascot too can be any figure representing the brand image. Social media applications that we find today are extremely well developed and designed. Hence, in the recent years there has been a devoted focus on building brand mascots for different social media platforms.  

What Is The Need For A Social Media Mascot?

I am sure you are all familiar with the Snapchat ghost mascot that has been quite a controversial topic in recent times. Yes, people were bugged with the question of how can a ghost be used as a social media mascot? However, there is a strong reason behind it. To know more read the article through Which Social Media App Has A Ghost As Its Mascot? 

A social media mascot acts as a lifelong element to hold up any brand image. It acts as the eternal representation of a business. Maintaining proper social media might sound very fancy but doesn’t require hefty expenses. It can provide your brand with a completely new perspective. Let us have a look at why is it so necessary to have a social media mascot:

1. Establishing An Identity 

Social media does not act as any feature or strategy of your organization. Rather, it is an added element that makes the brand more valuable. These mascots primarily focus more on the customer-centric and creative part of your brand. 

The presence of a social media mascot develops a sense of trust for the usability of that platform. It creates a bond between the users and the application. It gives the brand or platform an identity that users can know them by. 

2. Creating An Emotional Bond

We, human beings, are a very peculiar species. The reason behind such a statement is that we tend to personify everything or every aspect that we come across in our daily lives. Studies have reported that human beings tend to relate any animal or object or anything with human characteristics. It is how we decide to view the world. 

It helps to establish an emotional connection with them. Similarly, in the case of a social media platform, mascots are very important as they create an impression for people. This will make the users feel more comfortable using the application. Such a representation assures the users that they are coming back to something familiar and reliable. 

How Does Social Media Mascot Impact Online Engagement?

In such a digitally dominated marketing world as of today, the presence of a social media mascot is impeccable. It not only gives the organization an identity but also makes the platform stand out from the crowd. A study reported that any social media platform having a mascot usually contributes to an increased user engagement. For example, one of the most popular of these is Tex the penguin which is the Linux official mascot

One of the most important factors that must work for the mascots is that it should be lively. Compared to general logos, an interesting and attractive mascot can easily connect with the users and keep them engaged over the platform. Having a sense of life in these mascots will allow users to feel more excited and comfortable to take part in several activities carried out on the platform.   

Final Thoughts

Hence, I am sure it is all clear to you now. Social media is a high-end platform and the social media mascot acts as a powerful tool to strengthen the brand’s identity. Having a mascot for your social media brand can always be considered to be very unique. A well-designed mascot will always act as an eye-catcher and lead more users to that platform. 

However, the advantages of having a mascot are not only limited to generating traffic but also to keep a hold of the users. It is a great option for any social media application to acquire a brand mascot for establishing a heavy online engagement.