Look Back for Innovations of SAP SuccessFactors in 2022

An enterprise rides on its employees and hired talents. Managing them is something that differs between a profitable company and an unsuccessful one. Managing human resources was done previously by a team of individuals, but as companies grow, the number of employees is becoming unmanageable for humans.

The solution to such problems comes in the form of SAP SuccessFactorsfor companies. It is an automated system that tracks employee performance and overall work efficiency. Different parameters should be taken care of in which SAP SuccessFactorshelp.

Like every other SAP ERP system, this also receives regular automatic updates, and in this article, we will discuss the latest changes in the second edition release of 2022.

What is SAP SuccessFactors Used For?

Human resource management is constantly developing with newer technologies that ensure every employee is used correctly to get the best results. There are a lot of benefits with SAP solutions like SAP SuccessFactors for better SAP Customer Experience, these solutions can be easily implemented and integrated as per the requirements. Some of the benefits of SAP SuccessFactors solution are mentioned below:

  • Quarterly updates – Regular updates are something that differs SAP from other service providers. The SAP community listens to its users about things that can be improved in their existing system and introduce that to upcoming features.
  • Digital system management – SAP SuccessFactors allows admins and managers to thoroughly overlook the tasks being done in a company. This summarized view helps in managing the quality and productivity of the products.
  • Matches best HR practices – Maintaining the best practices is very important, and it becomes easy when a large part of the system is automated. SuccessFactors can adapt to complex scenarios that can arise while handling employees.

What’s New In This Version?

SAP updates different features and tools in their existing platform to ensure better usability of their services. These features are updated every quarter, and in this article, we will discuss the improvements that the latest version of SAP SuccessFactors provides. HR operations are more about improving the employees are managed, so we will be focusing on the features that will enhance usability in this version.

Increased number of time accounts on Time Admin workbench

The number of time accounts that was earlier around 100 has been increased to 1000. Filtering issues were seen in earlier versions where there were more than 100-time accounts. This amount of details on the admin workbench provides better filtering performance.

SAP Litmos APIs

Litmos training APIs are one such thing that was missing from the SAP SuccessFactors platform. The business API hub now consists of training APIs that are accessible by both internal and external consumers. This training setup can test APIs and view call bodies, parameters, and other information.

Search filter for content libraries

There are many scenarios where the user can use the same filter and search criteria several times to make specific selections. The latest edition can store those selections even when the admin is not on the same page. The selections can be withdrawn by using the reset filter option to choose a new filter. Earlier the search filters were deleted when the user moved to a different page, but that does not happen anymore.

Content library updates

Search systems are getting better where similar-looking cases are matched with the existing system data. If you search for “total employees,” it will also check with cases like “total employees.” This improves the usability of the search tools a lot.

Employee central integration

Integrating Litmos with SAP SuccessFactors employee central helps automatically update the employee profiles. This makes identity management a lot easier, and SAP Global User ID’s additional support makes things easier. The admin has to be a Litmos account owner to access the identity management services.

Only unique names are allowed within a directory

Earlier teams could have the same names within a single directory, which created a lot of problems in differentiating the teams. In this latest update, a new team cannot use an existing team name. This type of check prevents confusion in the future, and the admins have to change the name to a new one.

Microsoft Teams integration

 A proper training is significant for acceptable use of the Litmos interface in SAP SuccessFactors. The Microsoft Teams integration becomes essential in this pandemic condition as virtual training becomes easy. A virtual link is created for the employees and the trainers whenever a training session has to be conducted. The employees have to have a Microsoft teams account to benefit from this feature, which is further verified by the Litmos account holding admin.

Quick actions on home page

Quick actions can carry out long, complex procedures with the click of a single button. This feature was already in the previous versions, but some new quick activities are added, making it even more difficult. For example, the Clock Time fast action helps clock in and out just with a simple click. Likewise, My Team is an immediate action that provides a summarized view of the performance of a particular team to their admins.

Content for time management and time tracking

As discussed in the previous point, new points have been added as quick actions for better time management. Features like View team Absences and Clock Time helps in keeping track of the absences and the work hours of every employee, respectively. Similarly, to-do lists are available on the home page, where weekly timesheets of each employee are submitted and reviewed. This also helps in keeping track of the leave payouts, leave purchases, and time event management.


There are a lot of positive changes that have been brought about by SAP in the latest release of SAP SuccessFactors. The platform is more flexible and easier to use than ever with the features that have been discussed in this article. You can reach out to SAP consulting services for your implementation requirements and queries for further assistance with the SAP solutions.