Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

During the search for diverse hosting options, you are likely to be confronted with the term dedicated server time and again.

What does it mean?

Generally, a hosting service is a rent. With so-called shared hosting, many clients use it in common with others, which often leads to around several hundred websites per server. Depending on the requirements of a website, this can cause performance issues. A dedicated server, however, is used by only one client who does not have to share with others. This contributes to great exclusivity, as the user rights are not restricted. For example, a company can run its online store on a dedicated server, while all other applications run on different servers.


  1. Individual adjustments to the required RAM performance
  2. Beneficial security measures of established hosting providers
  3. Custom installment of the necessary shop systems
  4. Danger preventions that can emerge from security vulnerabilities of other websites
  5. Sole access to server data by the clients
  6. Higher availability of the hosted website

When is a dedicated server profitable?

When a certain amount of RAM capacity is consumed, it is financially worthwhile to use dedicated servers for two main reasons: power and privacy.

They are therefore particularly recommended to clients who meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Systems with a short server response time (SRT)
  • High requirements for data and system security
  • Own cloud services with a highly variable workload
  • Above-average consumption of resources

Who profits from a dedicated server?

  • Within the e-commerce sector, online stores with a great product inventory and a lot of traffic would particularly benefit from this service, as it is advisable to ensure the highest possible protection. In addition to higher security and performance, this type of server is manageable and can be adapted to increasing demand, such as for retail sales like Black Friday.
  • Websites with a high volume of data: a considerable number of files is offered for download on their websites, such as videos and high-resolution graphics and images. This allows the server performance to adapt to the data volume and minimize the risk of server downtime.
  • Sizable forums, such as Reddit and Quora or other community websites: due to the corresponding power. If, for example, due to a current topic, high traffic must be processed, the dedicated server can compensate for this.

Of course, you should evaluate carefully whether this service would be the right fit for your business. It is important to note that even though dedicated hosting is more expensive than comparable offers with shared hosting, there are many advantages to offer.