5 Of the Coolest Construction Tech Innovations Of 2021

Construction industry is growing impressively though there could be times of slump because of various reasons.

The covid-19 pandemic did impact the construction industry very badly. However, things are getting back to normal though it may take a few years before things are perfectly normal.

However, in this article, we will be talking about the growing importance of new building and construction technologies that are becoming important rather than being seen as another option or choice.

Whether it is in the area of construction cones or something more advanced and complex, if we look around construction sites, both private and government, we certainly can see some changes happening.

Let us have a look at five of the most promising construction technological innovations of 2021 that may reshape and give a new direction to the entire construction industry.

 HD Geolocation & Surveying

This is perhaps one of the most promising and exciting technologies as far as the construction industry is concerned.

Those who are associated with the construction and building industry often complain about inordinate delays in projects. There could be many reasons for this and inadequate supply of raw materials, delayed supply of raw materials, labor and other such things are often considered to be the main reason.

However, in many situations, the ground conditions are often considered to be one of the main reasons for inordinate and avoidable delays. This is where the role of high-definition photography and 3D laser scanning could come in handy.

These technologies also lead to better geographic information systems. When this technology is understood and implemented properly, it could lead to speed and accuracy

 Augmented Reality (AR)

Also known to be close to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality this technology is certainly creating waves as far as the construction world is concerned.

AR is being sought after because it is capable of super-imposing a computer generated image that helps others to have a complete and total view of the user’s world.

There are reasons to believe that AR can eventually replace the real world and this can happen through a carefully simulated environment. Hence, there are enough reasons to believe that AR in combination with VR could bring in many changes. To cite an example, users can get regular alerts making use of the AR because they have signal surfaces. These surfaces are electrically charged and can work well even in high temperatures.

 BIM or Building Information Modeling

Another much talked about construction technology is BIM. This may, over a period of time be in a position to bring about more accuracy to the entire building process. Experts believe that it will be a game-changer as far as the construction industry is concerned.

This is because of its ability to depict the project development in a highly collaborative and open environment. It has some unmistakable benefits to offer for construction companies.

It helps to manage resources more accessible, efficient and also improves collaboration between various stakeholders. It helps all the right people to stay in touch with the project throughout its entire tenor.

It is capable of tackling various challenges. For example, the problem of budget overshooting and overspending can be overcome easily.

Issues pertaining to quality control can also be addressed positively and a proactive manner. The latest 5D BIM version is known to also help in reducing project cycles. A better understanding of the scope of various projects and the overall increase in productivity.


The day will not be too far away when we may see many robots moving around at your worksites and construction places. It might look a distant dream right now but there are many construction sites where robotic technology is being used.

You can expect robots to become a force to reckon with in the construction arena. It is capable of offering accuracy and precision. The cost of robotics might look a bit intimidating in the beginning but it has many obvious advantages and benefits that can never be ignored.

It could help in many mundane tasks like laying of bricks and perhaps even for tying rebar and other such works. You could use robots for logistics as well as for collaborative purposes.

Self-Healing Concrete

2021 will most certainly see the use of self-healing concrete and they can be used on roads, buildings, and homes.

They could be used extensively for fixing and repairing of building cracks and other structural deterioration that may happen. Though it is still at its nascent stage, it could become a useful technology going forward.


The above are a few of the many areas where new technologies could bring about massive changes as far as construction engineering is concerned.