The Best Electronic Pilot Logbooks

Best digital pilot logbook is among the most crucial resources for a pilot.

When purchasing a (new) logbook, you must consider what features should be suited for your needs of yours. We have compiled the list of considerations below to ensure that when it’s time to purchase a pilot logbook in 2023, you will have the ability to create an educated decision. Furthermore, we additionally demonstrate several of the most favored choices with regards to paper and electronic logbooks.

The Very Best Paper Pilot Logbooks to Purchase in 2023

Today, why don’t we dive into the very best paper and electronic logbooks for pilots.

Jeppesen Pilot Logbook

Crafted with durability and an extremely useful design, Jeppesen Pilot Logbook is now an industry-standard – made going the distance. Substantial flight time-spaces arranged by FAA regulations and 520 flight entries make sure a lot of note-taking. And “easy-on-the-eyes” green pages resist ink bleed through. Bound in a scuff-resistant cover.

The conventional Pilot Log

The best amp; most versatile logbooks for aviators, The conventional logbooks are supporting the aviation market for more than sixty years and comply with the FAA’s recordkeeping requirements. Versatile, flexible, and easy-to-use adequate to fit some pilot’s needs, ATP or student.

The conventional Pilot Master Log

ASA’s hot logbook is formatted to comply with the criteria for those overseas flyers. Along with complying with FAA recordkeeping laws, this particular logbook is compliant with ICAO, CAA, JAA, and CASA recordkeeping requirements about pilots – such as JAR CFL 1.080.

Columns provide standardization but are adaptable adequate to let pilots modify to fit their needs of theirs. Summary pages enable pilots to track experience, flight review, medical dates, currency, aircraft types, and much more for quick reference.

Peter Beilenson Pilot Log Book

This durable and handsome logbook satisfies FAA regulations. It provides places to record ratings and certificates, medical flight and certificate proficiency history, recommendations, and much more. Aviator eco-friendly paper deflects glare and resists bleed-through.

The very Best Paper Electronic Logbook (Apps)

ForeFlight logbook The favorite flight navigation program Foreflight features a logbook built into the app, making it effortless for pilots to log and share ratings, record certificates, review currency, track hours, and flights, get electric instructor recommendations, and also produce experience reports.

As it’s not available as a stand-alone app, you are going to need to get an active Foreflight subscription to get into its features of its.

Logbook. aero is a simple, multiplatform pilot logbook, readily available for IOS, Android, and as a site.

This’s the electronic logbook we use and love! It’s several functions, which include pdf exports, license tracking, import/export, time calculation, digital signatures, detailed reporting, and much more. All for the extremely low cost of 1dolar1 5/month or perhaps 1dolar1 50/year.

Logbook. aero offers a 14-day free trial.

LogTen Pro

LogTen Pro is just about the most famous electric logbooks apps that have existed for quite some time today.

You can decide to structure your logbook of yours with brand name logbook formats such as Jepps or ASA, select completely customizable options.

Regrettably, this App is Solely Offered on Apple Devices.

LogTen Pro provides numerous subscriptions, based on the number of products you use; iPhone + iPad, Mac, iPhone + iPad + Mac, or maybe a business license.

Additionally, they provide a free subscription for pupil pilots (up to 250h complete time) with much more limited features.

Best Free Electronic Pilot Logbook

There are several free electronic pilot logbooks available in the online market:

LogTen Pro:

Logten pro is a popular electronic logbook that offers a free basic version, as well as a paid version with additional features. The free version provides basic flight logging and reporting capabilities.


MyFlightbook is a web-based electronic logbook that provides a range of features, including flight tracking, performance analysis, and customizable reports. The basic version is free, while additional features are available through paid subscription.

Open Flight Solutions:

This is a cloud-based logbook that provides flight tracking, performance analysis, and customizable reports. The basic version is free, while additional features are available through paid subscription.

FlyDelft Logbook:

FlyDelft is a free, open-source electronic logbook that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is simple to use and provides basic flight logging and reporting capabilities.


This is a cloud-based logbook that is accessible from anywhere and syncs with all your devices. It is easy to use and provides a comprehensive log of all your flights.

You need to know that these options may have different features and capabilities, so it’s recommended to compare them and choose the one that best fits your needs. Also, it’s make sure that the logbook you choose complies with the regulations of your aviation authority.


What is the Electronic Pilot Logbook?

The digital pilot logbook is personal record-keeping document that is used to track the flight hours and experiences of an individual pilot. It serves as a record of the pilot’s flight time, aircraft type, flight routes, and any other significant events or experiences during the flights.

This information is important for meeting the flight experience requirements for various levels of pilot certification. The logbook can be used for tracking personal progress and demonstrating experience to potential employers or customers.

Logbooks are typically maintained by the pilot and are used to verify flight time and experience when applying for a new job, upgrading to a higher pilot certificate, or maintaining currency in certain areas of flight.

Is Use of the Digital Pilot Logbook legal?

Yes, digital pilot logbooks are legal. In fact, they are required by many aviation regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States, as a means of recording a pilot’s flight time, experience, and qualifications. Logbooks serve as a record of a pilot’s flight history and can be used to demonstrate the pilot’s qualifications when applying for new certificates, ratings, or job opportunities. The use of logbooks is also a common practice among pilots to keep track of their flight experience and training.

Can a Pilot Fly Aircraft without Logbook?

Yes, a pilot can technically fly an aircraft without a logbook, but it is not recommended and may not in compliance with regulations. Depending on the jurisdiction and type of operation, there may be legal requirements for pilot to maintain logbook to record their flight time, training, and experience.

In many cases, digital logbook is also required to demonstrate compliance with the minimum flight time requirements for specific certificates and ratings.

For example, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States requires private pilots to log at least 40 hours of flight time, including at least 20 hours of solo flight time, in order to obtain a private pilot certificate.

Without a logbook, it may be difficult to demonstrate that these requirements have been met.

In addition, a logbook provides a record of a pilot’s flight history, which can be useful for future reference and can be used to demonstrate the pilot’s qualifications when applying for new certificates, ratings, or job opportunities.

Therefore, while it is technically possible to fly without a logbook, it is not recommended and may not be in compliance with regulations.