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How to Eliminate Duplicate Photos on Windows PC

Working on software with the images for editing or posting purposes can lead to duplicate creation. When the duplicates are created it is very tough to find and eliminate them from the PC. If you are also struggling with duplicates then you can read the steps we have mentioned below for cleaning the duplicate photos easily.

Before we jump onto the steps let’s first take a look at how duplicates are created?

How Duplicates are Created

Studies have shown that the duplicates keep on adding with time and the user can not even track how they are created. In most cases, duplicates are created when you use any third-party software to edit or use the images for any project. The software creates a copy of the original image and saves it to a different location which you might not even find.

Other than this the duplicates are created when you get images from multiple sources. For example, if you get an image from Whatsapp and Instagram both are the same but it will be saved in the system. Both the files which are saved are original but can have some changes which you might not understand.

These are the most common ways with which duplicates are created. To find out the duplicates you can follow the steps and methods we have listed below.

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Methods that can be Used to Eliminate Duplicates

Here we have listed the two methods using which you can eliminate duplicate photos from your PC easily.

Manual Method

Eliminating the duplicates can be very tough for some users as it takes a lot of time. In the manual method, you need to find the duplicates from your system manually to delete them. The process can be very tiring for the ones who have kept a lot of data in their system.

The manual method requires effort and time but the effort is worth it. You will delete the files which you no more want in the system. While on the other hand using other methods can result in deleting some of the important or useful duplicates from the system.

In the manual method, there are several sub-method using which you can delete the duplicates. Below we are listing the easiest method to remove duplicates manually.

  • For finding the duplicate of a particular image you need to copy the name and search for it using the search option.
  • According to the filter you have selected the files will come up with the same name.
  • Next, you need to check for the files which you don’t need anymore and delete them.
  • To completely delete them from the computer you need to clean the recycle bin as well. ( duplicates stored in the bin can also take up space).

This is the simplest method using which you can delete them. The method is easy but the result can be useless sometimes. If the images are stored with a different name or extension you won’t detect them by using this method.

If you wish to choose the method which can find and delete the duplicates easily from the system then check the method below.

Automatic Method

To help you with the chaos of removing the photos manually. We suggest you use best similar photo finder tools to find and remove duplicate images. Using the software you can easily detect all the duplicates from your system with just a few taps. The software is easy to use and everyone including beginners can use the software.

While there are hundreds of software available on the internet you can check for the offering of that software. If the offering matches your requirement and the budget then you can download and install the software.

After you finalize the software then you can easily use the software and scan the whole system. Follow the steps below to scan the system and eliminate the duplicates.

  • Launch the software and click on the scan option available on the home screen.
  • After the scan has started you need to wait for some time. Every software process runs at its own speed.
  • After the scan is complete the result will appear on your screen.
  • From the displayed results you can choose whether you want to delete all or select the images to delete.
  • After the selection is complete you can delete the files.

That’s all you have successfully eliminated the duplicates using the automatic method.

Solution: How to Eliminate Duplicate Photos on Windows PC

The above-listed method can help you in removing the duplicates from your system pretty easily and quickly. You can choose the method according to your requirements. If you have any suggestions regarding this article you can write to us down. We would be happy to hear from you.