Enjoy a Clutter-Free System Using These Online Options

Did you ever face a situation where you had saved your data on a pen drive or hard-drive and lost it somewhere? A huge loss, right? So let’s not repeat this mistake and discuss the high-tech ways of saving our precious data online.

Saving the desktop’s data online is way easier and safer than other offline options. If you still wonder how? Then reading this can help you. 

The foremost advantage of saving your computer’s data virtually is that it will reduce your system storage burden and save disk space. When you save your data online, you get worldwide accessibility and don’t need to carry a hard-drive burden everywhere you go.

Other advantages are- your data is secure on the internet because there is no fear of loss or crash of hard-drive. Still, if you lose your data by mistake, cloud storage space providers give you a chance to get it back by their data recovery backup plan.

Here are some most used data-saving online means which can help you.


iCloud is the most used data storage platform by Apple users. You can get access to it by using your Apple ID from any iGadget. It provides free 5 GB user data storage. You can save your photos, videos, documents, and folders in it.

It is not only by Apple, but you can get its assistance with your android or window devices. For that, you’ll need to download iCloud from apple.com.

The process of installing iCloud on windows is written below-

  • Download iCloud on your windows system
  • Go to Start > Open Apps > Open iCloud for windows
  • Log in with your Apple ID

And start saving your data there.


Dropbox lets users upload their system’s data on the cloud. Dropbox can be downloaded on any device. It allows users to save their pictures, videos, and other documents on it. It also allows them to share the data with their friends even if they don’t have a dropbox account on their devices.

Dropbox provides 2 TB of storage space, which is more than enough to save all your device’s data on it. If you want to save a hefty amount of it on your dropbox cloud, then you can save your data by compressing it or by resizing it. These tips will help you to save huge space in the cloud. Later you can rechange the data to its original size and get the same quality again.

One of the best qualities of dropbox includes scanning your documents, IDs, and photos and can turn them into high-quality PDFs. You can save and share them on any device. Their quality will not disappoint you.

Google Drive

Google drive is also cloud-based storage that lets you save the data of your computer and allows you access to internet-based Microsoft office tools. There you can create and share your office documents such as google sheets, docs, and slides.

By providing access to these documents, you and your office colleagues can see and edit the documents. It provides 15GB of data storage for free, making your team collaboration easy and accessible to all.

Files saved on google drive can be shared by making their customized links. Anyone with the link can open them. Different levels of access will give the viewer different authority permission.

To Conclude

Above were the options that can be used to save your data on the internet. These options are considered better than physical hard-drives and keep the data secure. We hope you find them beneficial and go for one for your crucial data safety.