Easy Ways To Download Games On PC

Video games have always been a fascination for many across the world. There is a huge craze for these games among the youth. These games are extremely addictive because they are created in a way to keep the audience engaged and arouses their interest by not letting them win easily. Modern games are extremely well designed and more realistic than ever.

However, you would need a well-built PC to run all such games. In earlier times, games for PCs were sold on floppy disks and CDs. These disks were then packed in large-sized boxes, which was unnecessary. New generation games are built with heavy technicalities and advanced concepts. These games are built in a way that combines realistic circumstances with the virtual world.

How Can You Download Games On PC?

1.   Download From Torrent

  • Downloading games through torrent always come with its risk factors. Since torrent is a peer-to-peer sharing system, you will have to download and access the files through somebody else’s computer. However, there are many legality issues and virus risks regarding certain aspects of this site.
  • Before you start your torrent journey, you must download a torrent client. What is a torrent client? Well, these are programs that extract torrents and convert them into usable files. Some of the free legal clients are uTorrent, BitTorrent, and qTorrent.
  • Because of the legality issues, you won’t find the sites to remain active for very long. The URLs of these sites keep changing very frequently. You can use Google to search for current and popular sites like Pirate Bay.
  • Next, the search function of the torrent site can be used to look for the title of the game that needs to be downloaded. Here, a list of available torrents will be displayed on the page. Also, check all the information related to the game to run it successfully.
  • Finally, you need to download the file. Now you will come across a link that will depict “Download this torrent.” The torrent files do not comprise the actual game. Here comes in the torrent client that downloads files from another user’s computer.
  • Next, you need to drag the torrent file and drop it on the client box for downloads.  It might take a little time to get the game downloaded depending on connection speed and seeds available.
  • Now when the entire file is finally downloaded, it is time you open it. The torrent that you have downloaded might comprise several files. Each of these files could be downloaded individually or compressed in a Zip folder or ISO file. Now you could unzip the folder and extract each and every file out of the downloaded version.
  • While you are going through the installation process,  go through the instruction process well to successfully run the game. You might need to use a crack which is a program needed to run the game.
  • Finally, when all is done, double click on the game icon, and it is ready to launch.

2.   Download From A Webpage

  • One of the easiest possible methods, you just need to Google and search for downloads and the name of the game that you are looking for. If available, the game will be displayed among the first few links. However, it won’t be available free of cost. You will need to buy and then download the game from these sites.
  • Before you choose to download the game, you must check the recommended specifications that are required to run the game. Well, different PCs are built differently, and each of them differs in their specifications. Similarly, games also have certain features that need to match the specifications of your PC.
  • Next, you go on to the link that will let you purchase the game immediately, like “Buy Now.” To complete the purchase, you will need to fill out the required details and choose a payment method to proceed further.
  • Next, you get the Download game option, and you know the drill. As an install file gets downloaded, you will find the files that need to be extracted. Once you unzip the folder during the installation process, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer.
  • Finally, you can open the game and play as much as you want.

You can also look for downloading games online through sites like Humble Bundle.

Final Thoughts

Now you already know how you can easily download games on your PC. Going to a center and looking for games is a hard task. It is not only time-consuming to find good games but also extremely expensive. If you still want to play games sitting in the comfort of your home, these are the best possible solutions.