Top Five Video Downloading Applications Available on the Internet

21st century is all about technological wonders and inventions. One of the most essential inventions was the invention of smartphone applications which provide functionality to a smart device. A smartphone application acts as a medium to perform various activities like storage, photo editing and video streaming. Apart from productivity, users want applications which can fulfil their entertainment needs. Video downloading applications help with the same which allows users to download videos from any website and that too at free of cost. Moreover, users can select from various video downloading applications which are available online or on official application stores of their smart devices. Most of the video downloading applications on the internet are available free of cost for example Vidmate free download which has been downloaded maximum number of times by users. 

Top 5 video downloading applications which users can download for their new and old devices are listed below:

Video saver pro:

One of the most highly rated applications on the internet, Video saver pro allows its user to download and save videos of various formats, types and resolutions onto their smart devices like smartphones and tablets. The application has an inbuilt browser using which one can search for their favourite content. Moreover, the app is free from any kind of advertisements and bugs which can seriously degrade the functioning of the application. The app also has a download booster feature to increase the download speeds.

Offline video downloader:

Like any other video downloading application, Offline video downloader allows its user to save videos of any format onto their smart devices. Videos can be downloaded from any website i.e. the application supports different websites. The AI based technology automatically identifies the type and resolution of video available on the particular website and notifies the user to download the same.

One key video downloader:

The application has one of the best interfaces which provide various tools and services which in turn are organized in the most convenient way. Downloaded videos can be transference from one device to another using the application. Moreover, the application allows users to add subtitles to the videos downloaded which can be streamed onto the same device using the inbuilt media player.

Web video downloader:

Web video downloader also allows its user to download videos of various resolutions which can be watched on the go. The application has a unique feature which pauses downloads during period of low internet connectivity which is resumed when the revival of internet connectivity. The application also supports multiple languages.


One of the most popular and downloaded application on the internet, Vidmate is treated as the best application which combines all the features a video downloading application should consist like multiple language support, small size, inbuilt web browser and search bar for searching downloaded videos and the ability to playback downloaded video in HD format. Vidmate free download option is available on its official website.

Video downloading applications have completely revolutionized the entertainment industry and require support from its developers and customers for improving its productivity and features.