Top Outrageous Ideas for Removing Duplicate Photos from Mac

Having a slow-performing and a sluggish Mac is a result of high disk usage. While you might think you have an expensive Mac with huge storage space and latest functionalities and features and that it will always perform to its best.

You are mistaken! Old data, installed applications, poorly installed programs, files, pictures, audio videos, etc all contribute to disk storage and it starts filling up even before we realize it. As a result, your Mac starts to perform poorly, has slow boot times, and keeps hanging in between and this simply leads to frustration.

We all store thousands of pictures on your Mac, sometimes we simply copy them from the phone, one folder to another, or we download them and as well as take a backup of then on the cloud. This results in multiple copies of the same pictures being stored at multiple places occupying disk space. A better way to manage the redundancy is to find ways to remove duplicate photos.

Owing to the duplication of images and pictures on your Mac, they eat up precious disk space and clutter the Mac thereby making it slow. What’s more disheartening is that there is no inbuilt feature in Mac that can let you identify and delete duplicate photos. All you can do is search the entire Mac and then manually identify the images and delete them or buy additional disk space.

Well, though deleting duplicate images manually may sound simple, it is extremely time-consuming and difficult. For this, you can always rely on the best duplicate photo finder & remover tool that can do work for you.

In this article, we are going to walk you through both the way, the manual way and how to remove duplicate photos with a Duplicate Photo Remover Tool

How to Find and Remove Similar or Duplicated Photos on Mac Manually?

Let us see how to remove duplicate pictures and images from your Mac manually.

1. The first method involves ways to delete duplicate photos using Finder. For this:

  • On your Mac, launch Finder.
  • From the taskbar, click on the File option.
  • Choose New Smart Folder from the drop-down menu.
  • From the New Smart Folder window, locate the “+” sign on the top-right corner and click on it.
  • Here, you can choose the parameters based on of which you need to sort the pictures. The different parameters are name, matches.
  • Post this chooses the format of the picture to All.
  • Finally, you can view and select the pictures you wish to delete.
  • Once you have selected the images, right-click and choose Trash to delete them.

TuneupMyMac: Best Duplicate Photo Finder & Remover Tool:

If you do not want to choose the manual ways to remove Duplicate photos, you can always use a Duplicate photo Remover Tool to do the work for you.

Download TuneupMyMac

TuneupMyMac is an all-in-one optimization suite that keeps your Mac in the best of health and keeps your Mac optimized. TuneupMyMac is a one-click solution to keep your Mac running efficiently and proves to be an amazing duplicate photo remover tool.

It deletes junk and duplicate files to free up space on your hard drive, thereby speeding up its performance. It also deletes browser cache and history to protect your privacy.

Confidential data can be deleted securely so that it cannot be recovered; it also optimizes the hard drive to provide improved stability and speed.

In order to locate and remove duplicate photos, follow the steps below:

  • Download TuneupMyMac on your Mac.
  • Once downloaded and installed, launch it.
  • From the main screen, look for the Duplicate Finder option under the heading called Optimization.
  • From the Duplicate Finder Window, click on ‘Find Duplicates’ button on the screen to start the scanning process. Duplicates Finder will analyze your Mac for duplicate files.
  • Duplicates Finder searches for duplicate files in the User/Documents folder by default. To search for duplicate files in another folder, click on the ‘Change Folder’ button at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open a window where you can select the folder you want to search for duplicates in.
  • By default all items are unchecked. When you check the box to select the item, it will keep one copy unchecked and select other copies for removal. Also, you can use Right-click menu options on the result window to select the copies for removal. To identify and retain the original copy, we recommend manual selection. Click on the ‘Clean Now’ button at the bottom right corner to remove all the selected duplicate files permanently.

This is how you can easily remove duplicate photos using this Duplicate photo Remover Tool.

If you wish to optimize your Mac in a few taps, we suggest that you also use the One-Click Cleaning feature of the program.

Simply click on the START SYSTEM SCAN button on the main screen of TuneupMyMac or just click on One Click Cleaning option located in the left panel of the program.
Once the scan is complete, please click on the CLEAN NOW button.

This will fix all the issues on your system.
So that was all, never let unimportant stuff and duplicate photos coagulate your Mac and hamper its performance. There are ample ways to remove duplicate photos from Mac which we have described in the post. Use TuneupMyMac, the Best Duplicate File & Photo Finder & Remover Tool and delete duplicate files & images today and retrieve precious space.