Top 5 Fascinating Illegal Apps You Won’t Find on Play Store

There are millions of apps circulating Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. Most of these apps are legal, but where is the fun in that? Let’s explore some of the best illegal apps that you won’t find on the Google Play Store.

Let me make one thing clear; I do not encourage stealing and piracy. The creators of these apps didn’t make them for money. They made them because they like app-anarchy. In their opinion, they are making the app world a better place and I agree with them.

So let’s take a look at these fascinating apps.


This app is the Robin Hood version of Android YouTube apps. There is hardly anything more annoying than unwanted ads on YouTube videos. AdSkip like the name suggests lets you skip YouTube ads automatically.

You can enable the app from settings after download, it will give you the option of skipping the ad. Skipping the ad automatically after its due time doesn’t sound that great. The creators have gone one step further. You can mute the sound of all ads from the app settings. It means that you can let the ad play without having to listen to it.

AC Market

AC Market is the clone of Google Play Store. Only that it is completely free. I mean all the premium apps featured on the store are free. This is serious stuff, you have to decide if you are OK with downloading premium stuff for free.

You can download all the versions and completely free. Simon Dyer from has a word of warning though:

“Be careful when downloading apps from such sites. The creators of such site often have malicious intent. They send viruses and hacking material while a user is unaware and thinks they are just using a premium app for free.

I personally haven’t heard anyone getting hacked after downloading from AC Market, but I haven’t thoroughly researched the subject.”


Mobdro is a media app that lets you watch all your favorite TV shows from around the world. There are countless websites who do that but Mobdro is a highly optimized mobile website. Everything is categorized, labeled and sorted.

You can even watch live streams of various channels. You can select various languages and watch your favorite shows in your own language. It is a pity that no one has thought of a legitimate way of making this app.

PS: you can even download any video.


MiXplorer is a very interesting app. It is all in one multifunctional app that provides you with a customized media player, customized app skin, and storage apps of Google, One Drive and much more – combined, all in one place. You have to create one account and it gets created on all famous storage devices.

Everything is neatly categorized. Given the access of data on our smartphones and a gazillion apps we have to sign into, I won’t mind seeing a legitimate version of this app.

OG YouTube

OG YouTube is a brilliant app that gives you everything YouTube doesn’t. Its interface is a clone of YouTube but there are three major differences.

First, you can download any video you want (yep, it is synced with YouTube). Second, you can minimize the video and it will keep playing in the background. Thirdly, and this is the most brilliant feature, you can let the video play in a small pop-up screen while you do other tasks on your mobile device.