Design of Success Stories to attract Customers

The Importance of the Design of Success Stories to attract Customers

The large number of announcements and communicative messages that we receive every day makes users often feel rejected by advertising. People are saturated with advertisements and communications, so you have to find another way to reach them and get their attention.

However, they do use online channels to inform themselves before buying. They go to social networks and research on Google with the intention of knowing more about the products and services that interest them.

It is here that businesses can turn to success stories to lend credibility to the brand and demonstrate the effectiveness of what they sell.

What are the Success Stories?

Success stories are a basic tool when developing B2B communication strategies or promoting quality networking.

These tools are used in marketing and in business, as we will see throughout this article, but they are also a very valid tool in other areas and sectors.

It is not necessary that it be told as a story, but rather on the contrary. It is convenient that you have less text and more visual richness, thus demonstrating the process in a more practical than theoretical way. Thus, the message of success will be more easily remembered.

Using video or image formats incredibly reinforces communication, so it is advisable to make an attractive design for a correct graphic communication, always with the cooperation of your client, who will explain the satisfactory relationship between the two parties.

Success stories in the workplace

The workplace has been one of the first to apply success cases in their work routines. They are used to present results in board meetings, to do business with potential partners, to present a new stage of a company and, even, in human resources.

For example, in the personnel selection processes, the interviewers have developed a technique to be able to choose between the different candidates. It consists of presenting success cases to them and letting them choose the solutions they would apply in different situations.

With the way to solve the problem posed to the different candidates, in real situations that have occurred in companies you must give a satisfactory solution. With this way of evaluating it can be seen which candidates have greater ability to solve problems in real situations.

Success stories in the education sector

For students of any grade, especially in the university and doctorates, and both educationally and in research, the presentation of successful cases as a challenge is a highly developed practice.

Students or researchers receive a case of success that occurred, without knowing the solution provided by the company, and must resolve it to give a satisfactory resolution. In this way, different areas of the study are developed:

  • Application of the theory: Each student must apply the knowledge he has acquired during the studies to be able to solve the case.
  • Defense of skills: It is a way to demonstrate the strengths of each student and to value their own skills and acquired in the course.
  • Knowledge of a real case: Thanks to the success stories, the students stop to theorize to start applying everything in practical cases.
  • Opportunity to highlight: In some occasions this type of activities are carried out publicly in congresses, fairs, etc. It gives the opportunity to the companies to meet the new generations, and the students to stand out solving the cases with creativity and efficiency.

Success stories in content marketing

In marketing strategies, and especially in online marketing, success stories have been used for a long time.

We have already commented that users resort to online channels to inform themselves before making a purchase or acquisition. For this reason, offering success stories resolved satisfactorily will help you decide for your brand.

Companies often use this tool to present products or services that they have implemented and the results they have achieved. You can accompany them with graphs or small interviews to the client’s object of the study, which will be used as presentation of the company and as a reinforcement of the brand.

In addition, you will achieve a series of advantages:

  • Web traffic: It will be a way to attract the attention of users and direct them to your website.
  • Credibility: A good presentation of problems and situations resolved satisfactorily by the company will have an impact on its credibility.
  • Online Reputation: With a high credibility and a flow of traffic to your website, you will be able to increase your online reputation.
  • Differentiation: Well-resolved cases will make you stand out from the competition, especially if they do not use this tool.

Design Success Cases in Content Marketing

You already know that content marketing is something more than having a blog and filling it with entries. It is essential to work on a good strategy that helps you generate quality content that is appropriate to the needs of your target audience.

You can use different actions to create communication formats, adapting to the information you are going to give and how your users receive it. To leave a mark in your reader’s mind you cannot only depends on your writing skills, the whole design of your blog defines it, from logo to color theme.

You can use free logo maker to make a logo for your blog or website.

In cases of success you also have different options to make the users understand each step taken and can follow the process logically and without losing detail.

Presentations for web pages

These types of presentations can be posted on your website to download or view them from an internal page. This will give you a very important relevance and will help your branding.

The document that you must create has to follow an order within the structure of the message that you want to transmit. The content will be a series of slides where the message is developed with all possible depth. And it will be done by combining graphics, images, text and everything that helps you clarify the information.

You can create them with any program that allows it, but the most used are Powerpoint, Prezi and Keynote. Of course, do not forget to filter well the data you are going to give. It is a public document, so do not sneak confidential information or do not want the competition to know about your business.

Articles for blogs

Blogs are often the base source of any content marketing strategy. It is what will feed quality content to other channels, and the meeting point to which you will direct user traffic.

Therefore, many companies are committed to include their case studies among the usual publications within the blog.

To enrich these textual contents, which can otherwise end up being tedious, there are many formats that explain the information in a more visual way:

  • Infographics: As they have a great informative and didactic value they are publications that explain very well all the process that the brand has followed. They generate great brand value as they are published and shared quickly on social networks.
  • Illustrations: They are graphic representations that can describe the product or service that you want to promote. They are very striking for their originality and easily explain some topic, so they tend to like people a lot.
  • Photographs: The photographs will help you show the products in a real way. Users will be able to understand what you are talking about at a glance, and will transmit every detail that is relevant to the success story. You can also post a picture of a situation you want to associate with your company’s brand.

Other digital formats

New digital technologies have evolved a lot, and now offer much more creative and eye-catching ways to present success stories:

  • Video blogs: Video is one of the most popular formats, both on blogs and on Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. It is an opportunity to teach the methods that have been used in the case of success, resolve doubts and give a more human touch to the process.
  • Fiction: Brands have produced miniseries for YouTube and even shorts that have been played in theaters. It is a very original format where you can create a story around your brand or product and launch it to the network.
  • Gamification: You can show your success stories through games and prizes that users can discover little by little, letting them be part of the experience.

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