Tech Trends Online Dispensaries Should Not Miss in 2022

The tech boom has no exceptions, which means that even the distribution of therapeutic, medical, and recreational cannabis has hopped on the bandwagon. Since the legalization of cannabinoids in several states as well as countries, the supply chain of selling authentic products via online dispensaries has gotten a great push. However, are you tech savvy enough to be completely optimized? Find out the latest trends that will make running your dispensary online easier in this blog; we’ve mentioned all the information you’ll need!

Online Customer Verification:

As we know, this is one of the biggest priorities before you evel let people enter the website. However, it has been noticed that dispensaries and cannabis related sites only ask for a yes/no confirmation regarding the legal age of the visitor, which can easily be bypassed. Hence, creating user authentication systems like an ID or Know Your Customer profile will help avoid selling products to underage site visitors. This way of gatekeeping can be seen in most portals where age restrictions are a mandate, and online dispensaries can immensely benefit from it.

Mobile Payment:

There are many methods of payment, but none are as convenient as the cannabis debit processing mobile systems. These devices are handy and can process payments in a second, making it convenient to honor payment on delivery. This also keeps the deliverer and customer safe since paper money can be contaminated given we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

Secured Transactions:

Online transactions need to be paid attention to as well. The data of your customers is being shared on your portal, which means it is also susceptible to phishing scams, frauds, and data theft. Make sure to have a double encryption payment gateway or affiliation with secure payment gateways so that your customers can trust you with their eyes closed.

Online Prescriptions:

Many customers who use Sativa, Hybrid or Indica variants and other products for medical use have to furnish their prescription to access medicinal cannabis. Having an ordering system where they can simply submit their prescription and have their stock delivered to them in the permissible quality will be a lifesaver for those who do not prefer to go and buy them from brick and mortar dispensaries.

Customer Service Bots:

Your customers and new visitors may have queries and questions which can be asked at any time of the day. However, since it isn’t possible for a human agent or manager to attend to them instantly, you can consider setting up chatbots with an active knowledge base that can help them get a resolution quickly.

Omnichannel Real-time Delivery Updates:

There are omnichannel communication systems available for all online businesses so that they can meet the customer at their comfort zone. This will help you keep your customer updated in real-time regarding their order so they don’t have to keep checking the website.

Wrapping Up

Now, people prefer to order their preferred variants, tinctures, edibles, and other products. If you run an online dispensary, you know how streamlined things need to be. We hope these trends help you get on course quickly!