Some things are important for a college student and one of them is networking. It might be because professional networking doesn’t fit into a computer science syllabus or International relations discussion.

You must be thinking what is networking? Let’s take the example of social media. You follow someone and others follow you or you add someone as your friend. In the same way, networking is making connections with peoples professionally in your field. A few of the examples of professional people are professors, experts, Human Resource Manager of a company, etc.

Networking aims to establish connections with those people who will benefit you. Let’s say you want to do an internship in a company. If your networking with that company’s Human Resource Manager is great, you are most likely to get an internship. Many people secure their first job through networking. Experts from established that many college students don’t give much importance and there will be few of them who don’t even know the meaning of networking.

There is no need to worry, we got some tips for you to form a strong relationship with professional people.

Good Relation with Lecturer

One of the most common mistakes that almost every student commit is networking with your lecturer. Many students ask where to start networking? The answer is simple, you should first strengthen your relationship with your lecturer.

Your lecturer, most likely, to have many contacts. You can establish a connection through your lecturer but for that, you need to have a good connection with your lecturer. Start from your lecturer, he/she is a treasure and all you need is a key to obtain the gold.

Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest platforms to make connections. Furthermore, it is free of cost so why not use it for creating connections? Instead of posting jokes, watching videos, etc. you should find professional peoples and add them.

One of the best places to do this is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media platform made for only professional people. In addition, you can find many great personalities through LinkedIn, sign up today and start connecting with people.

Attend Networking Events

Many companies conduct events. You should be alert of all these events because it will be a great source of networking. You can find it through social media, pamphlets, and advertisements. Even your professors can help you reserve a seat in those events.

Make sure that you don’t come home empty hands. Take a notepad and a pen with you, note all important points, ask questions (it is not necessary), take part in their activities, and the most important of all is exchange emails. Email is the most professional way to create connections.

Take Advantage of the University’s Career Center

Every university has a career center where students can talk about their careers. Make sure that you take every advantage from your university career center. They can help you in many ways such as improving your CV, job prospects, getting internships, and informing you about future job fairs.

Sometimes universities also invite people from different industries for different purposes such as graduation, events, and many more. Take advantage of those events to increase your contacts.

Don’t Let Your Existing Networks Die

Another biggest mistake that many students make is that they don’t keep up with their existing networks. They kept looking forward and because of this, they forget their current networks and this results in loss of connections.


There are many benefits of networking in college. Don’t be shy, get out there and talk with the people. This will boost your confidence. Furthermore, networking doesn’t require a certain time, you can start doing today! The sooner you will start, the greater will be the chances of getting a job.

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