The Sales of Spy Applications – Why the Demand Has Grown in Recent Times

In the early 1990s, when the use of technology moved from office building to households and became sort of common, for most parents and spouses it wasn’t that hard to keep an eye on their children or the other half since looking over the shoulder was enough. The same went for employers who wanted to keep an eye on their employees. Video surveillance was enough to make sure that the employee was exactly where they were supposed to be and since internet did not offer as many distractions as it does not, no one had to worry about employee productivity. The recent hike in the sales of spy apps can only be attributed to the free internet has provided this generation with. All that we need is just a few clicks away. With such an unlimited access to technology and all that it has to offer has turned the world into a global village where distances can be maneuvered within seconds, courtesy of the high-speed internet.

But, even though such an unlimited access is bound to make lives easier, it is accompanied by some perils that tend to make it hazardous in numerous ways. Such hazards include;

  • Sexting
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Grooming
  • Cyber-stalking

Why are the sales on a rise?

  • Worried Parents


Times have required children to dabble in technology all too quickly. Earlier we used to go to the library and browse through books there in order to write a paper but now children and teenagers do all the research they need through the internet and parents have to give them access to it whether they want to or not. While children need the internet to be able to study it does not necessarily mean that is able to decipher between right and wrong. There are predators out there targeting children exclusively for their own nefarious reasons. They may pretend to be their friend or their mentor but in the end, they might be out to earn the trust of your children and then exploit the said trust in the worst ways imaginable. Additionally, for teens, it might not be adults aiming to groom them but their own peers might be bullying or stalking them taking an unimaginable amount of toll on their mind. In order to protect them worried parents turn towards spy application to keep a digital eye on their kids to make sure that they are safe at all times and if someone out there is trying to harm them, spy applications allow them the opportunity to deal with such sick people before it is too late. You can also check this review post of TheOneSpy to know more about it

  • Cheating Partners and Spouses


If 40% of all spy app users are parents, there is a fair-share of concerned partners or spouses that are investing in spy applications to keep an eye on their spouses or partners. Most partners do so to watch out for their other half’s well being but spy apps also happen to be a great tool to find out if their partner is cheating on them. With countless features like the camera and mic bug, texts and call logs, ability to listen in and record live calls, as well as Phone location tracking, allows users to keep a virtual eye on the real-time location of the device. All such features not only allow you to keep an eye on your partners but also helps you ascertain the fact that your other half is not cheating on you.

  • Lazy and conniving Employees


Employers and Business owners often also use spy applications to keep an eye on the employee. Earlier we mentioned how once upon a time video surveillance was enough to keep an eye on employees but now with the spread of internet access across every platform, making sure that employees are actually working when they are supposed to be is at an all-time high. The problem doesn’t end with in-house employees alone. If a company works in the delivery business or a handyman or cleaning service, they need to employ a mobile workforce that uses office hardware to work onsite. Since such employees are usually away from the employer’s sight, they more often than not exploit the use of office hardware for their own reasons, not only breaking their employer’s trust but also reducing the company’s monthly revenue. Spy applications are great at catching such employees and give business owners ample evidence on how to deal with them accordingly.

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