Social Graces: Helping You Implement the Best Reward System at Home

Getting kids to do the household work is a complete no go! No matter what you tell them to do, they will usually bicker about it, procrastinate, and run away from the chores. They only come to help if something interests them.

If you’re parenting difficult children and are trying to make them more disciplined inside the house, you need to find new ways to get them to help you. Also, if you keep things interesting and fun, they’ll surely get along.

Recently, I was having a tough time keeping up with all the household work, daily chores, and looking after the kids. It felt like I was the only one working in the house with no help. I felt all tired and annoyed almost all the time.

Things started to take a toll on my mood and behavior, which was only making it worse. As I gathered with a bunch of parents in the parent’s meet at my kid’s school, I discussed the problem with a few people. I found out that most moms are sailing on the same ship. It was a relief to hear that but we had to do something about it.

While we exchanged good parenting tips & tricks with each other, a mother came up with the idea of rewarding kids for the work they are assigned to the household.

It seemed like a great idea and when I came back, I started looking for ways to implement an effective rewarding system to get my kids do the household work with me. This is when I stumbled upon Social Graces.

I gave it a go through the one-month free trial and I just loved the way it works! Here is how it has helped me implement an effective reward system at my house and changed the game for me:

  • Social Graces is a great chore chart app. So, there is no need to stick and to that old-school chore chart posted on your refrigerator anymore. You can use this effective, more interactive, and above all – portable chore chart for better discipline and equal distribution of work at the house. As most of the family members are using smartphones, and other devices like tabs, it is quite convenient to have them on board. You can create the profiles of all the family members and connect them to this app
  • The app allows you to set a reward system. With the help of the app, you can set contracts through which you can assign household tasks to the kids. Now, at the end of every contract, children can be rewarded. These rewards are given on the basis of pre-created wish lists which are directly connected to the Amazon store. Thus, as soon as the rewards are won by the children, they can get whatever they want directly from the store or can ask you to get it for them.
  • With the help of Social Graces, rewarding kids has become quite easy and convenient. The parents and the children can all know what the contract is, what is supposed to be done, what is there on the wish list, and when the contract will be completed. Everything is easy, interactive, and very exciting. Thus, it keeps the kids motivated to do whatever work is assigned to them.
  • Along with keeping the household intact, keeping the kids disciplined, and keeping all the family members on the same page, the app also helps the co-parents. You can create the profiles for grandparents or babysitters as well to keep them informed about the contracts and the work assigned to the kids. Thus, it makes parenting difficult children easy for the co-parents as well.

Not only this, Social Graces is a great help to parents as you can get regular parenting tips and tricks that help you adopt good parenting.

The app is a great win when it comes to improving the behavior of your children and increasing the sense of responsibility in them. I would highly recommend this app to parents facing issues with their children and home. Go for Social Graces, you’ll love it!

Author Bio:

Amie Schneider: I am a woman of many hats. Full-time-stay-at-home-working-mom (of four talented daughters, no less)! El Segundo local, born and bred. Entrepreneur. Woman of faith. Wife to one loving, supportive husband. Neighbor to my oldest girls’ dad, his fiancé, and her son and daughter. And guess what? Everyone gets along swimmingly.

What I’m saying is, I get it. Between sports, school, attitudes, meetings, deadlines, wife duties, and housework that never ends finding balance feels like it’s totally out of reach.  I was discouraged every day also I remembered the days when a busy career was the only thing I had on my plate. And then it hit me. I could bring the same management successes into my home. Let’s face it—parenting is people management. It all takes extreme patience, accountability, responsibility, encouragement, nurturing, and teaching (kudos if you caught that acronym). So with the help of my family, we practiced communicating, setting expectations, and being patient. And it worked.

Social Graces was born out of over a decade of people management and household directing. It’s a blend of communication, encouragement, and positive expectations, so everyone can win. This method has allowed our family to find peace and cooperation in our home.

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