SEO Techniques You Should Use To Increase Organic Traffic

Ranging from restaurant recommendations to the latest cloth brand, customers nowadays rely on search engines to find every answer. What does that mean? No matter what product or services you are offering to the consumers, they are likely to search for that on the search engines like Google. And if you want to lure consumers to your website, you require SEO.

Defining SEO

Whenever you search for something on the search engine, you get various results. Most likely, you will click on the top results that are visible. What do you think about how these results came on the top? That is where SEO comes into the picture. Now, your question must be: What is SEO? It is the technique of boosting your site’s ranking. You identify certain keywords and phrases that your target consumers use to find similar products as you are offering. Then you work towards building the ranking. Your site becomes more discoverable with Search engine optimization.

Let us know in detail what other benefits it offers!

Helps in forming a unique identity

Do you know how many websites exist on the internet? More than 250 million websites. How could an average person know what products or services these websites offer? Therefore, SEO rankings help in forming a unique identity in comparison to countless other sites.

Customers are using search engines every day

There are more than 2 billion people online, and nearly 95% of the online activities begin at the search engine. Every second, 40,000 searches take place. And 3.5 searches occur every day. Therefore, there are numerous opportunities for your organization to get their names on the search engines. Search engine optimization benefits your business in such a way that customers are using search engines every day. Hence, it helps in making your business more prominent.

Improves overall marketing ROI

If you opt for effective Search engine optimization strategies, your overall return on investment will be higher. Let us make it more clear with a fact!

As per a study, organic traffic leads to over 40% of business revenue.

If your business is gaining more revenue from organic traffic, why not opt for some techniques to enhance the organic traffic? Keep reading to know which techniques you can opt for.

  • Know about competitor’s pages – Keep tracking the competitor’s SEO strategy. The more information you can get about your competitor’s strategy, the better you can improve your site’s performance. One of the effective methods is to find the best-performing pages of your competitors. This will give you the idea of where those sites are gaining organic traffic and what drives it. You will get to know the things like –
    • A link gap
    • A keyword/content gap
    • Keyword cannibalization

Now, you must be wondering how you can find the best-performing pages of your competitor. There are various organic research tools that can help you with that. Therefore, analyze the pages carefully to have a detailed insight into the top-performing pages in your industry.

  • Use digital PR: The biggest issue any organization faces with search engine optimization is acquiring the authority backlinks at scale. No wonder that there are numerous link-building strategies to earn the relevant links, but it is also true that most of these strategies are pretty challenging to scale.

Here is what Google tell in its link schemes guidelines –

Create relevant and unique content to get high-quality links. As per Google, links are usually editorial votes given by choice. So, the more your content is unique and relevant, the greater the odds that readers find it useful and link to it. One of the best methods to gain editorially placed links is with the help of digital public relations.

Digital PR is the combination of blogs, content marketing, and search engine optimization to improve the online presence. In digital PR, you develop an impeccable outreach strategy for promoting the linkable assets. But, does digital PR benefit you only in terms of links? Not at all! It has other benefits also. Take a look!

Boost social engagement.

Enhance brand awareness.

Generate more sales.

Improving Clickthrough rate through PPC testing:

Clickthrough rate, shortly known as CTR, is a ranking factor. What are the factors that affect your website’s clickthrough rate? Usually, the factors are title tag and Meta description. Basically, these are the two factors that you can control. How will you come to know which tags and descriptions are delivering the best CTR? You test it. This ideally takes a long time, but if you want the results shortly, you can leverage PPC to test these tags and descriptions.

Even if you are not opting for the PPC campaign, set up advertisements for a set of pages to test various headlines and descriptions.

Advertisements will not get you like-for-like tags, but you will get some amazing information about keywords and titles.

Note: To decide the best title tag, try out at least three various headlines. But keep in mind to make the description the same for every headline. Also, for deciding the best meta description, try out at least three different descriptions but ensure to have the same title for every description.

Hence, as long as you receive enough clicks on your advertisements, you can rephrase your headlines and descriptions with this performance. This consequently will improve the organic clickthrough rate.

  • Optimize core web vitals: Core web vitals is the bundle of specific factors that are prime in the eyes of Google in determining the overall user experience with a site. The factors are –
  • Large contentful paint: The time taken by the site to load the main content of the page is the largest contentful paint. Experts say it should be 2.5 seconds or faster than that.
  • First input delay: It is the time that it takes for a page to become interactive. Ideally, this should be less than 100 milliseconds.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: Cumulative Layout shift is the amount of unexpected layout shift of visual page content. An ideal measurement for this is less than 0.1.

2021 is seeing core web vitals as the crucial ranking signal. This takes the assistance of several metrics that have a bearing on the page experience. Some of the metrics include safe-browsing, HTTPS, and mobile friendliness.

You could be familiar with some of these metrics, and maybe you are using them for optimization in the present times. But it is high time to pay attention to the core web vitals. To find core web vital metrics, use Google Search Console. In Google Search Console, look under the “enhancements” menu, and you will get the information.

Final Words

If you want to get the best results in terms of organic traffic, you need to go far beyond the basic information and delve deep into the SEO techniques. This will surely take your site to a higher level. Therefore, find the opportunities that your competitors are not opting for and implement the strategies. No wonder your site will definitely succeed with these fantastic techniques. Lastly, it is right to say that a site is incomplete without SEO.