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Breaking Myths about Peel Remote App for Android & iPhone

Although you have several smart remote apps available today in the market, Peel succeeds in bringing to you an unprecedented experience of TV watching. Like many other app, it also uses IR capabilities of your smartphone to turn it into a universal remote. If your phone isn’t IR-enabled, the app leverages the Wi-fi network to deliver the same experience.

Peel remote app can work with more than 4,00,000 devices. However, TV is its major segment. When it comes to watching TV, Peel is not just an app but an intelligent assistant. It understands your likes, dislikes and preferences with respect to what you want to watch and when. And using this understanding it helps you makes the most out of the time you spend in front of your TV, and gives you a relaxed hassle-free time.

You may have to use several devices at once while watching TV, especially when you have a cable subscription. For example, TV, set-top box, music system etc. Now imagine, you don’t have to juggle those multiple remotes and you can control all the devices simply using your smartphone. Peel not only lets you do that, but it also lets you do that conveniently and makes controlling devices fun. And this isn’t all you get from Peel smart remote.

Recent Introductions

Peel is in constant pursuit to deliver an extraordinary experience to its users. It continues to add new app features that aim to enhance user experience.

Voice Recognition

In the series of developments in the app is its voice-recognition capabilities Peel remote introduced some time back. Not only does the app follow your voice command, but it also understands the context of the command based on hints and triggers. For example, if you don’t know the name of a TV programme, you can give it cues like cast or synopsis of the programme and the app will come back with the closest options to your input.

Streaming Content

Another recent addition in the app is its ability to integrate with streaming devices. This has arrived as a great benefit to those who don’t have a or prefer to have a cable subscription.This feature assures you that you don’t have to depend on the source of content to enjoy the complete range of Peel advantages.

Lately, there has been an increasing preference among people to watch their favorite shows on various media streams and web sources. Peel is now compatible with Netflix and YouTube.In addition to that, it also works well with streaming devices like Chrome cast and Roku so that viewers can choose to watch what they like and enjoy the benefits of Peel TV app at the same time.

Lockscreen Widget

In addition to features related to the device control and content streaming, Peel has also come up with value addition to add to the experience of the app users. It’s its lockscreen overlay. The lockscreen widget has been added with an objective to enhance the convenience of users.

With the widget, you don’t have to unlock your phone to operate your TV or any other device you have connected with the Peel remote control app. It lets you perform all the basic functions such as turning on the TV, adjusting volume, changing channels etc. even when your phone screen is locked.

Moreover, the widget also has an interesting utility when you are not using the online TV app. It displays information like weather and news on the locked screen. If you want to know about the weather forecast for the day or even the entire following week, you can just swipe across the screen to get the information.

The idea of the lockscreen overlay is absolutely user-centric and aims to add value. In case you don’t want this feature, you can always go to the app menu and deactivate it.P

Peel is a Feature-rich yet Cost-effective App.

The Peel team is always looking for ways to add more advantages to optimize TV watching and device controlling.It offers a much wider range of benefits to the users when compared to any other smart remote app available today. And Peel is optimistic about continuing to add more benefits. However, to add these features and to ensure a seamless experience to the users with effective operations and maintenance of services,it requires a significant investment on an ongoing basis.

That being said, Peel’s focus remains fixed on keeping it free of charge for users. It doesn’t intend to pass on the cost burden to its users in any manner. That’s why it has to rely on advertisements to fund this ongoing financial need to deliver the value sustainably. This is something you may find almost with all sorts of apps.

However, Peel respects your preferences. If you want absolutely no ads to display on your screen, Peel also has an option of paid subscription in place. Although it’s paid, it’s a nominal amount for the kind of advantages Peel offers.

The Peel team is always dedicated to delivering a superior experience to the users and all its features have been introduced only keeping user interest as the ultimate priority. If you’re a Peel remote app user and want to share your feedback or suggestions, or if you have any concerns regarding using the app, you can always write to us. Your input is valuable to us and will help us meet our objectives of delivering outstanding value to you.

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