Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Services

Roll Of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Services For Intelligent Business Insights

As Artificial Intelligence seems to be grabbing the center stage in every organization across every sector; by perceiving its scope in the near future, the tech-giant Microsoft launched brand-new AI applications to leverage the unpenetrated market at the earliest. Recently, it incorporated AI in its flagship product Microsoft dynamics 365 services Platform and expanded its portfolio by launching 3 newer applications, namely, Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. The AI-powered features are expected to revolutionize the business world and to bring substantial transformations in the activities associated with sales, customer service, and marketing.

New AI applications of Dynamics 365

Although most of the organizations utilize Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for streamlining their business processes, however, in reality, none of the existing ERP provides any kind of value in return to the end-user. The advanced Dynamics 365 enables the users to utilize the maximum amount of the data to construct machine learning-driven experiences for a number of peculiar tasks.

Key advantages of these 3 new AI-powered applications

  1. The Dynamics 365 for Sales assists in call sentiment analysis, getting early warnings on deal-terminations, taking proactive steps, as well as prioritizing their valuable time.
  2. Dynamics 365 for Marketing provides a predictive understanding of market research and social media platforms.
  3. The Dynamics 365 for Customer Service helps to transform the customer service related data into useful automated insights.

Role of Dynamics 365 in business processes

Role Microsoft’s Dynamics 365

The AI-empowered Dynamics 365 offers unique insights by combining the data from various sources within an organization and integrating with the latest intelligence to guide the business decisions as well as to empower the organizations to take effective informed actions. These advanced AI-powered applications will certainly assist the organizations to carry out several business processes with enhanced accuracy, improve collaboration, and better efficiency.

How Dynamics 365 transformed the business processes in a way that has never happened before. Here is how:

Dynamics 365 for Sales utilizes the call sentiment analysis and offers in-depth insights of prospects, enables the sales team to prioritize the prospects on the basis of their behavior and get the early warning about the validity of the ongoing deal, and take the necessary steps to look that deal.

By using Dynamics 365 for Sales, the sales team can

  • Understand the requirements of their prospects, take informed actions, and customize the overall interactions.
  • Use these insights to reduce wait times, boost resolution rates, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • To build long-term relationships with their prospects with the help of cordial interactions and efficient response rates.
  • Make use of advanced scoring models for recognition as well as prioritization of opportunities on the basis of the highest conversion probability.
  • Evaluate the team’s efforts and identify the key areas which need to be addressed immediately.
  • Conduct elaborated analysis on sales pipelines and surface insights that further assist in effective coaching in the future.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing collects an enormous amount of data associated with the organization’s products and services, valid information associated with customers as well as competitors. These credible insights assist the organizations to boost both, brand loyalty and brand affinity, thereby helps them to keep up with industry trends.

With the help of Dynamics 365 for Marketing, the marketing team can

  • Analyse the significant data available with the marketing, social media platform, and market research, and recognize the key insights. Further, these key insights can be taken into account while making business-related decisions.
  • Assess the conversations with the customers on the basis of subject matter, gender, age, language, and location. This aid the organization’s representative to deliver excellent customer service and increase brand loyalty.
  • Transform social conversations into potential leads and further helps to build strong relationships with practical insights.
  • Assists in tracking of the brand sentiment across various channels, engaging with the key influencers, and tweaking of the content towards enhancement of the brand’s reputation.
  • Analysing data gathered from various sources within the organization and interpreting customer’s feelings and behavior with respect to both, brands and products.
  • Set up the instant search process for keywords as well as the loading of historical data for delivering instant insights.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify and predict the problems related to customer service and further to build strong customer service experiences. On the basis of these mechanically-generated insights, the customer service team enabled to take appropriate decisions and actions.

With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service support, the customer service team can

  • Able to respond to queries of customers more efficiently in a much quicker way.
  • Provide a delightful customer service experience by leveraging the advanced features of virtual agents, without writing any kind of code and lowering the support costs.
  • Access real-time data related to customers with the support of bots and tackle the low-level queries without much effort.
  • Access thorough visibility into across various channels to gather data, associated with support operations and leverage the advanced features such as built-in dashboards, visual filters, and interactive charts.
  • Evaluate the Customer Satisfaction Levels as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and by doing so recognize the crucial areas that needs substantial attention to make the maximum impact.

What’s the next level

In today’s fast-paced digital economy, the empowerment of employees along with AI-powered business tools is not merely a matter of “if”, however, it’s the adoption time that matters more, in fact. By incorporating most advanced AI-associated capabilities into Dynamics 365 Platform, Microsoft has already begun to invest its capital resources to capture a significant share of the Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence market at the earliest. This advanced AI-powered Dynamics 365 services for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service provides intelligent, accurate, and concise insights to the respective teams of an organization and supports them in making efficient and profitable business decisions. Incorporate Dynamics 365 services into your business and get productive insights to conduct precise operations across the business and it to the next level.

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