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6 Makeup Affiliate Marketing Programs for the Beauty Bloggers

There are around 200 million blogs in the world (this is a hypothetical figure based on the statistics of 2011 which was at 173 million). Given that makeup is one of the most popular niches in the current times, there are thousands of makeup blogs over the internet. While many have of them are regular bloggers, rest are still in the phase of making a mark. But, many male affiliate marketers may not relate to it.

So, what is a beauty blog? It’s a blog that focuses on beauty and makeup. These blogs usually feature makeup tutorials in pics and videos, tips and recommendations, and product reviews. News of launch of new products is also a part of it. Fashion is also included in the recent times considering good looks go with a good appearance. Usually, a beauty blog is about one’s personal experiences about a product, what they liked or disliked, etc.

Although it may not entice our male affiliates much, you may want to rethink the niche because beauty blogs are huge these days.

How Big is the Makeup Niche?

Looking good is a prerequisite these days. From hair to feet, there are products galore for each visible body part. With an expected global turnover of 170 billion dollars, cosmetics sector is a huge one with equally huge demands. This industry has seen a consistent growth since 2002. The numbers are in the 50s and 60s billion dollars in the U.S. alone and are only growing with each day.

The strong urge to look good is the chief reason why these blogs are growing in numbers and making it big.

What About the Competition?

As the demand rises, the competition increases simultaneously. However, such popular niche also offers higher earning potential and hence, you must accept the challenge and look for the target keywords.

While you may want to start promoting the products using the popular makeup affiliate programs right away, affiliate marketing management is what is more important here. That being said, it’s better to do some research on your competition before you start. There’s a strong competition in the beauty/cosmetics/skincare niche and it would only turn out to be profitable for you if you find the right keywords that outplay the competition.

So, as you start with your keyword research, understand the difference between the two terms “makeup” and “make up”. While both are similar terms, the reference stands differently. “Makeup” indicates the cosmetic products like eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick or compact, while “make up” refers to the application of makeup.

So, while looking for the keywords, we must be more precise. You will easily find a lot a of keywords that are common but don’t have much of competition. The keywords you use in your content should be such that are close to specific terms with many searches, but less competition. For example, long tail keywords like – “smoky eye makeup”, “wedding makeup”, or “party makeup”.

We have listed a few affiliate programs related to beauty and makeup, however, while using them you should first research for the right keywords that have the potential to take you to success.

Top Affiliate Programs for the Beauty Bloggers

The below-listed affiliate programs are ranked on the basis of their commission percentage. Once you have enrolled in a program or two, it’s important to keep a track of your conversions and that’s the right affiliate marketing management.

  • Colorescience

It’s an eminent and opulent mineral makeup range that emphasizes makeup products with exceptional quality ingredients that are easy to apply and gentle on the skin.

Colorescience offers a neat 10% commission for each sale to its affiliates.

You can simply visit their affiliate page, sign up for the program or get more information about the company.

  • Nanshy

A makeup palette is incomplete without quality brushes and sponges for feather touch application. The brand offers some well-designed makeup brushes that you can promote in addition to other makeup affiliate programs.

The best part is, while you earn a 10% commission for each sale, you can also bag a 25% share for something that you buy for yourself from Nanshy’s website.

All you need is to go to their affiliate program page and apply.

  • Black Opal Beauty

This cosmetic company offers products exclusively designed for people with skin of color. It targets the issues related to the skin of color. So, if you have a site or blog that offers makeup techniques for darker skin tones, this sub-niche is best to tap on.

You earn 6% commission for all sales made for Black Opal Beauty.

To apply for their affiliate program, you must visit Rakuten Marketing affiliate network.

  • Avon

Avon is a home name these days with its wide marketing strategies all over the world. The brand has adopted a word of mouth marketing approach along with reaching out to people through intermediaries, and this has been a tradition for quite a few years now. It offers a wide range of makeup products to choose from.

The payout is 6% for all sales along with opportunities for earning the bonus from time to time.

  • Elizabeth Arden

Needless to mention how popular is this makeup brand. This famed beauty company is known for its range of lush perfumes and some hi-tech anti-aging skincare products.

You can earn 5% payout for each sale as an affiliate

Simply head over to CJ Affiliate network and apply for its affiliate program and know more.

  • E.L.F. Cosmetics

It’s a brand dedicated to makeup products that are known all over the world. From lipsticks to nail polish, the brand offers it all.

A 5% commission is granted to the affiliates for each sale.

It’s important to note that the affiliate page of E.L.F. does not work anymore. Instead, you can apply or e.l.f on Rakuten Marketing (LinkShare) affiliate network to register and promote products thereafter.

Final words

Now that you know where to start from, all you need is to sign up for any of the above beauty affiliate programs and get going. However, you should also keep a track of your clicks, conversions, and connect with other influencers or affiliate marketers for a wider approach and that’s the right kind of affiliate marketing management. All you need is a right tool to keep you updated in real time and there’s no stopping you from success.

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