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7 Most interesting Truths: How Technology is Changing the Way We Watch Television

A decade ago, we used to huddle in our living room eagerly to watchour favorite show. We used to anxiously wait for weeks to catch up with the most talked about characters. At that time, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were either nonexistent or still in their burgeoning days. There was no way to get spoilers. And how can we forget about the groan when a news update or commercial break would interrupt a twist in the plot. We didn’t even have services like Xfinity Triple Play. It was indeed a different time for TV.

Today we have Netflix, Hulu, and other on-demand media services. A lot has changed. Family members now sit engrossed in their tablets to binge watch TV shows, videos and even catch up with the latest news. But that is not the only change technology has brought when it comes to watching TV. Let’s pause and learn about the interesting ways tech is changing our TV experience:

1: TV Shows Are in the Spotlight

Internet accessibility is certainly relegating channel surfing to the past. Viewers have the option to pick and choose the shows they want to watch.On-demand services like DVR, TiVo and Hulu have given fans the ability to watch what they want, whenever they want. And there are no commercials in between.The emphasis is now on the shows instead of the networks. And this has led to some intense TV fandom.

2: The Advent of Internet TV

Apple and Google made a huge mark on TV as they introduced Apple TV and Google TV (which was later named Android TV and was then replaced byChromecast). Inventions such as Boxee and Roku gave birth to TV internet access. This means we don’t have to deal with HDMI cables anymore to stream videos on TV. We can now access content such as TV shows and movies online.

3: Plug and Play Devices

After Google Chromecast and Apple TV, the plug and play devicesemerged in the scene. Once you connect these devices with your TV set, you can access a world of entertainment. For example, with Chromecast, you can stream YouTube videos on your TV. You can also install add-ons on the Google Chrome browser and cast any web page to your TV. You can even play games on TV.

Just like Google users, Apple TV users have room for entertainment opportunities, too. They can stream all the video content available on iTunes stores on your TV. There is no need to purchase extra storage because everything is located in the cloud. AirPlay allows you to stream videos, music,and even view photos on any iOS device. Interestingly, Apple TV even comes with a remote controller for those who like to hold a remote in their hands while watching TV.

4: App Engagement

Mobile video streaming is increasing rapidly. And TV apps have refined how we watch TV. It’s not just TV shows, even movies are now available on your smartphones and tabs and we can watch them when we are on the move. New generation smart TVs have started implemented the use of apps to let their viewers access streaming content from their TV set right away.

5: More Opportunity to Participate

According to Nielson data, 85 percent of the US viewers are always using some other device while watching TV.They are interacting with something else. It’s either Twitter, scrolling on Instagram or any other website. But experts have come across an opportunity to engage this percentage of viewers. It’s via a second screen. This second screen could be any electronic device you use while watching TV. The whole idea is to use a companion device to let the viewer connect to the program he is watching.It’s really helpful in optimizing TV experience for viewers.

It isn’t something new, it has been evolving over the past years.Turkey and Norway are already following this trend. Their multi-screener rate is 76 percent. The second screen is there to augment the viewer’s experience, not to distract them.

6: No More Fighting for the Remote

Remember the time we used to fight for the remote? It was the only way to watch what we wanted. But thanks to technology, fighting for the remote control is something that’s in the past.

The thing is, TV content is not exclusive to TV anymore. You can access it from any display device you want. You can pick what to watch. Even if the rest of the family is watching a live match on the TV in the living room,you can watch Game of Thrones or any other show on your phone or tablet.Technology hasn’t just given us the power of convenience but the power of choice, too.

7: Watching TV Is Still Everyone’s Favorite Activity

Let’s face it, technology has changed how we view content and there are so many options for entertainment. Nothing can beat the joy of watching TV.It’s still one of the best ways of killing time. How people consume media has not changed much despite the use of digital devices. Prime-time is still the most popular time to watch TV or use TV-connected devices such as media player sand game consoles for entertainment.

Yes, the medium of consuming media has changed. For instance, with streaming apps, you can now carry TV anywhere you go. When mobile data connectivity was limited and expensive, people used to get bored waiting inline for their appointment or during the commute. Now, that’s not a problem. TV content is just an app away.

Final Words

It’s quite evident that modern technology has changed the TV we have known for a long time. It’s still changing and it will continue to change. TV networks are not the only one getting benefit from these changes, users are too. Let’s wait and see what the future holds. You might want to get in touch with Xfinity customer service (1-855-850-5974)to inquire about the latest deals and change the way you experience TV.

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