How to Track a Cell Phone Location Someone’s Without Knowing Them

Have you ever wondered, watching a movie, about How to track a cell phone location without knowing them? If yes, today, you are about to get tools to accomplish the very same goal. Track a cell phone was never easy before as it is today with a variety of options, including software, sim tracing, etc. Mostly, phone tracing is used by the investigation team to find out the last location of a suspect.

However, nowadays, people are using paid software, sometimes free, to keep an eye on their children or employees. Some do this by taking prior permission from the host or target. But few like to perform iPhone tracking without any sort of permission, usually without the target’s awareness.

Track a cell phone is a useful feature if done responsibly. Sometimes, it is necessary to be aware of the location of your loved ones, maybe sister, daughter, or any other family member, to ensure their safety. It may be helpful to safeguard your little ones from entering certain illegal or not so appropriate locations.

Tracking your lover’s location is a good idea if you think they are cheating on you. In such cases, it may become handy to remove the clouds of doubt. However, be careful if your bae got you tracing them, then it might be the end of the story. That’s why we have covered a few software that works under the hood.

In this very descriptive and enlightening article, you will get many ways to trace anyone you choose, based on their contact number or device activity. So, without any further delay, we are about to give you the best advice on How to track a cell phone location without knowing them.

Track a phone location without knowing them

As already mentioned, there many different ways to track a phone. You may do by installing an app with the prior consent of the target, or you may wish to do it secretly like a spy. Or better you choose through sim card tracing or mobile platform-specific services. Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of options you have. We will list the best of them and give our valuable opinion on them. Let’s start.

Tracking a cell phone using TheOneSpy

With the best android spy app and tracker available in most, if not all, smartphones, it has become much easy to track a phone with the aid of suitable applications. One such app is TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy track a cell phone and other the target devices, and its activities, without their awareness at all. It has many use cases to list the few:

  1. You may want to ensure the safety of your beloved child or Teens.
  2. You may want to keep an eye on your employees’ activities. It is a great idea to keep a check on their productivity after all.
  3. Or you may want to uncover the mystery of your lover dating somebody secretly.

In all the above cases, you may prefer a way in which the host’s permission is required because those options come with ease. However, TheOneSpy solves the riddle for you and gives you the way out of the problem. It can track a cell phone and other target devices and still be invisible to the host’s eye. It comes with an easy-to-use web dashboard to look at the traced data. It will become handy with a day’s use.

Benefits of TheOneSpy

  1. Web-based dashboard: One of the significant benefits of using TheOneSpy is not installing any particular app on your device to see the traced data. It comes with a beautifully designed web dashboard that can, typically, run on any sort of web browser.
  2. Invisible to host: Have you ever worried about getting caught tracing the host? If yes, then leave your worries altogether because TheOneSpy just rules out that possibility.
  3. No rooting: It has been the case for a while now that to trace the host device, you need to root it. That is really inconvenient. To make it easy, TheOneSpy developed no root needed tracing app.
  4. Geofencing: This exclusive feature allows you to build a virtual fence around the host’s device’s surroundings. If the host crosses the fence in order to enter the outer physical location, you will get notified instantly, if not in real-time. It comes handy to protect your kids from entering prohibited areas.
  5. Track the other important stuff: Not only does it provide you the location, but it traces all sorts of data, including contacts, call logs, multimedia files, surrounding noise and pictures, social media activity, and web browsing history.

How does location tracking work in TheOneSpy?

TheOneSpy’s location tracking feature works differently in both iPhone and Android devices. In iPhone devices, phone location data is always synced in iCloud. To track this data, you need to verify the host’s iCloud credentials in the TheOneSpy dashboard. That’s all you need to do for an iPhone. Everything runs smoothly without you touching the host’s device. Sounds like a private spy, doesn’t it?

For Android devices, things are a little different as you have to install a 2 MB app on the phone. However, once you installed it, it will go under the hood, and its icon will vanishes from the app screen in seconds. Only you, with a secret key, can bring the icon again. It does its all work in the background without taking much battery power and local space. Also, from the dashboard, you can uninstall the app remotely with just one click.

How to use TheOneSpy?

  1. Register on
  2. Verify and download the respective app.
  3. And click start and you are ready to spy on the target device

ZoSearch – how to track someone location with phone number

We have covered how to track a phone through a spying app extensively. Now, we are about to cover the tracing of a phone through its contact number. For that, we are using ZoSearch. ZoSearch is similar to a directory that has the details of all the internet users. It can give you their contact details, home address, work address, etc. But it cannot give the actual phone location in real-time. That’s where it falls short.

UI is quite simple. It looks like google and using is no different. Just follow the below steps in order:

  1. Visit the ZoSearch website and click on the phone lookup.
  2. Enter the desired phone number and hit enter.
  3. Click on the start search or hit enter or return.

Once you follow the above steps, you will get to see the details of that number. You will know the owner’s name, address, both work, and home, etc.

Tracking an iPhone with Find My iPhone

This very option is only for iPhone devices. iPhones come with a feature called “Find my iPhone.” Once you enable it, you can track your iPhone’s location in minutes for free. Yeah, you read it right, it’s free. Let’s go through step by step process to do so:

  1. First of all, enable the feature “Find My iPhone.” To do so, go to settings, click on the apple id name, go to iCloud and enable it there.
  2. Now open Find my iPhone app in any other Apple device, particularly iPhone, and enter the targets apple id. And you are well set to trace it when you wish.
  3. Now just tap the apple id, and it will show you all the devices connected to the id. Find you desired one and click on it. You will now see its location.

Tracking Android device with Find my Device

Google also gives a similar feature to android devices. Of course, how can Android be behind Apple? It has to provide the same feature. All you need is to enter the google id and password in the find my device app. Since it requires a password as well, that means you can only find your lost phone. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the find my device app in any android device.
  2. Enter the google id and password and verify the credentials.
  3. Once you do so, you will see all the devices attached to id. Click on any of these, and you will see it’s location data on the screen.


So, we have covered a few ways how to track a cell phone Location Without Knowing Them, both Android and iPhone. Few methods are paid like TheOneSpy, which offers premium features and a virtual spy. We also discussed free apps to find your own phone or trace the sim owner’s details. In our personal opinion, TheOneSpy proves to be the best of these options. Since it is paid, it gives you premium features that free apps or directories will not for sure. Now, it is time to wrap up this article here. Goodbye. See you in the next article.