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Google RankBrain- How will it Affect SEO in 2019?

From the past few decades, many changes have been seen in the Google algorithms.  Every year many new updates released by Google such as Google Hummingbird, Mobile Friendly update, Panda Update, Penguin Update, Pigeon Update and much more which affect the SEO. All these changes are made to provide the relevant result to end user.Last year, Google confirmed a new update based on machine learning artificial intelligence system called RankBrain.

RankBrain allows search engines to process the search result and provide relevant information to users. It helps search engines to sort its result pages using machine learning. To clearly understand about RankBarin it is necessary to understand the Machine learning first. Machine learning is an application that provides system the ability to automatically learn and extract the information based on encounter data to improve the user experience.

How RankBrain Works:

RankBrain constantly watches the queries of users and organize the SERPs to find the most accurate rankings for a particular search term. Rather than just focusing on keywords, now it tries to understand the user query or the whole phrase instead of focusing on individual words. Now the google cares more about your context and meaning of your search.

What SEO strategy needs to adapt according to RankBrain?

The early days of SEO are all about keyword matching, whatever query entered in the search box google will show all the result that contain that specific keyword. But now google show different result.

With the emergence of RankBrain, there is the number of different strategies that you need to adapt to increase the ranking of any website.

  1. Strategy: Put more focus on content: Search engines are now smarter than they have ever before. With this new change, you need to make some changes in the way you write content. Don’t use keyword stuffing and low-quality content because it may harm your website ranking. So, produce the relevant and useful content by using exact and long-tail keywords. This will surely increase the value of your content.
  2. Strategy: Need to put little attention on Title: The title you write for your content is extremely important and gives value to your whole content. Your title should be trendy and according to search queries to come in the top results. There are a number of sites from where you can about your topic and can easily know what users are looking for.
  3. Strategy: Improve all technical Aspects: With content and Title you need to focus on Meta description of every page, Images alt tag, URL etc. All these necessary and affect the ranking of any website.
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Major Factors on which RankBrain Works:

  • Click through Rate
  • Time-on-site
  • Bounce Rate

RankBrain works according to all these factors.

Understand it by an example: suppose a user search for the keyword “SEO Tutorial” then, Google will show a number of different results. If a user clicks on the website that is on the first rank but exits right away it is known as Bounce Rate, a search engine will interpret it high bounce rate and decrease the popularity of a website. If the user clicks on any other site on the rank 5th and stays there a while then, Google will interpret this site more helpful for the search query and that website will gain more credibility and Google give high ranking to that site because of high CTR.

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