Why flip screen is been considered as a useful accessory in cameras?

Cameras that have flip screens are easier to take selfies, but wait, that’s not it about the flip screen cameras. Flip screen cameras are ideal for vlogging as vloggers can preview the entire video that they record. There are three different types of flip out screens in cameras and simultaneously, there’s plenty of reasons why choosing a camera with flip out screen is a good option .It is useful for many other reasons which are mentioned below.

Helps in bringing perfect shots

You have focused on a perfect position to capture, but you are unable to see the image on the camera screen due to bright sunlight. In some cases, it can be challenging to compose the shot due to the overexposure of light. This situation calls for a tilt screen in your camera through which you can position the object better that you capture it. With a flip-out screen, you will never lose the ideal shot. Even to get rid of the glare, you can also partially tilt the camera screen without moving your camera. However, in this regard, Canon flip screen cameras can be considered as perfect options.

Helps in clicking perfect selfies?

Taking selfies is a common trend these days, and so by flipping the camera’s lens towards your face, it becomes easy to take selfies. Just by clicking on the shutter button, you can capture the picture. Make sure that you do not shake your hand when taking the selfies as this can hamper the desired image result. To prevent this problem of capturing blurry selfies, flip screens are the best option to choose.

Better shots in closed spaces

If you are unable to get behind your camera screen to capture a photo, flip-screens are a suitable option. By placing the camera in its position, you get to know how it looks through the lens. It also helps in shooting in confined spaces without moving the camera.

How flip screen help in shooting from higher angles?

When taking photos from the crowd, it can be challenging to properly capture the shots on the stage, parade, and the like. To take clear pictures even when there are rows of people in front of you tilt, and flip screen options in the camera can help. You only have to hold the camera above so that it can capture through high angles. So, instead of arriving early in the function to capture better images, the tilt and flip screen feature will help. In this regard, you can opt for the Canon flip screen DSLR camera that will give better results.

How the flip screen helps in street photography?

In street photography, you have to hold the camera in low angles and adjust its screen without moving it. To achieve perfect images in such a situation, flip screens are a suitable option. This helps capture candid photos in cities and towns. This way, you can easily capture images without others know that you are taking the picture. They will think as if you are adjusting your camera settings.

How are flip screen cameras suitable for vlogging?

For beginners, flip screen helps capture a better image. If your face gets cut off from the recorded video, this is not a good idea for your blog content and therefore, to get rid of the problem, using a camera with flip screen feature is the best option.

Gives instant feedback

When recording video content with the help of flip screen option of your camera, you get instant feedback on how you are recording it. Also, you can control light and make changes as per requirement. You can see how you look in the video. So, by looking through the flip screen option, you can convey positive energy to your viewers and offer them the best video content for your blog. Some canon cameras with the flip screen are listed below.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

It comes installed with adjustable touch screen panel and CMOS sensor. For video bloggers, this camera is the ideal option that helps better video capturing. Its 1-inch sensor is suitable to capture a high quality image. So, when looking for a compact Canon flip screen camera, this model is an affordable choice.

Canon EOS 70D

Amongst Canon flip screen DSLR cameras, the Canon EOS 70D is known for its high-end 3-inch touch screen. For having the perfect viewpoint of your capture, this camera enables you to rotate through wide angles. For high standard picture clarity, its 20.2-megapixel sensor captures excellent images. With top-notch lens and features like flip screen, you can easily capture the right quality image.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D

If you wish to get a Canon flip screen DSLR camera at a pocket-friendly range, Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D is the one. Along with ISO sensitivity, it has other attractive features that are enough to give a good quality image. The adjustable screen enables capture through wide angel. Even the camera touch screen functions well. So, if you are looking for a camera perfect for your blogging on an affordable rate, this is the suitable one.

When planning to buy a Canon camera with a flip screen, you need to consider the sensor, type of photography, and lens of the camera. For capturing a high quality image, DSLR and mirrorless cameras are the best options in which you can easily flip its lens as per requirement. For a versatile photographer, canon camera with flip screen functionality is suitable to get.

The Final Part

Therefore, the guide mentioned above shall help you grasp a better idea about which canon model with the flip screen feature will be best. Depending upon your needs of photography, you have to choose the lens and sensor of the camera. This will ensure that you get a high quality picture even when you are using the flip screen feature of the camera. So, get the best camera that helps both in photography and vlogging, creating a quality video as promised to viewers. 

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