Top Best Tools To Embed Twitter Feed On Your Website

Twitter has well-established itself as a major social media platform where people come and share their views about world affairs, businesses, and topics of all kinds.

Twitter has outgrown itself as just a social media platform. Now it is actively used for marketing purpose by big and small brands.

If you’re a brand and you maintain an active social media presence, people are likely talking about your brand on Twitter too. Tweeting their reviews, feedback, experience, sharing their images and videos revolving around your brand.

Best Tools to Embed Twitter on Your Website

Imagine if you could embed those valuable user-generated tweets on your official website to display social proof. How great would it be? Isn’t it!

Here are 7 such amazing tools that allow you to embed Twitter on your website and grow your social influence.

Come let’s have a look.

Twitter Widgets

Twitter widgets let you embed timeline widgets on your websites thereby displaying Twitter feeds on your website.

It gives you 4 options of Twitter widgets- user timelines, favorites, lists, and searches. You can make use of any of these timeline widgets.

It also allows you to display tweets from public profiles using timeline widgets. Tweets from a specific user who has marked data as favorites can be gathered with the favorites widget.

Tweets from public lists that you own and/or subscribe to are collected with the list widget and customized search results in real time are displayed via the search timeline widget.


Taggbox is a social media feed aggregator and display tool. It allows you to create beautiful and stunning Twitter Walls that can be easily embedded into any website.

Taggbox works in real-time. It means you can display real-time Twitter feeds via hashtags, locations, mentions or username on your website.

All you need to do is create a Twitter Wall with Taggbox and generate an embed code that could be simply pasted on the web page where you want to display the Twitter feeds.

It comes with amazing customization options like beautiful themes, layouts and, advanced CSS that helps you create and make your Twitter feed wall more engaging and beautiful.

It’s powerful moderation panel helps you curate your Twitter feeds so that irrelevant content can be filtered out before being displayed on your website.

It also comes with addon features like hashtag highlighters, profanity filters, and many more to make your embedded Twitter feeds more engaging.

The real-time functionality ensures your embedded live twitter feed on website stays full of latest posts and feeds from Twitter. As and when your twitter feed receives a new post, the same post is made visible immediately on your website as well.


Everwall lets you aggregate Twitter feeds and displays it on your website in an engaging manner.

You can display Twitter feeds via hashtags, keywords, mentions, searches, and more. You can also display public tweets.

These aggregated feeds, later on, can be embedded into any website by simply pasting the embed code generated from Ever wall. This integration tool is designed to remove inappropriate content via its moderation functionality.

This feature keeps the overall website content healthy and positive and any abusive content can be cast out by blocking certain keywords etc.

It lets you collect fresh real-time tweets, moderate them, and customize them the way they want.


Hootfeed is a Twitter Wall display tool by Hootsuite. It lets you create and display beautiful and stunning Twitter Walls.

It is a Twitter integration tool with amazing customization options and responsive designs for different screen sizes.

It also comes with a robust Analytics feature that lets you measure the performance of your Twitter feeds embedded on the website.

It’s powerful moderation panel lets you filter your content and prevent the unwanted feeds from displaying on the website.

The professional plans aim to cater to entrepreneurs whereas the team, business and enterprise plans cater to the requirements of small teams, small businesses, and large teams and organization respectively.

The best part? –The individual plan for their tweet wall services is free of charge.


TerFall is a Twitter-based tool that gives you a variety of Twitter search options and a full-screen display.

It works in real-time, hence, you can display live tweets on your website.

It comes with amazing display options and customization features.

You can also get insights into the performance of your Twitter feeds on your website.


Tweetwally is a Twitter-powered tool that customizes search results and presents them in different formats at a given URL or on a projector at events, conference, parties etc. or on an iPhone.

With Tweetwally, users can experiment with different searches and enjoy a continuous stream of Twitter live feed on websites.

Final Words

So, we just shared the best Twitter embed tools for your website that can help you grow your website’s overall performance and drive potential traffic towards it.

So, what are you waiting for? Embed live Twitter feeds on your website today and experience the amazing results.