AI in Android App Development

Effective AI Guide- How to Incorporate AI in Android App Development

AI and its outbound success are evolving exponentially. The super-human intelligence of artificial intelligence is no way leaving the tech world instead it is gradually taking over almost everything. In such a time when we are living and breathing in the AI surrounded world, to say you haven’t learned the tricks to incorporate it into your developments is to envisage doomed future. AI is the most powerful asset you can add to your development strategy. It does not make a device super- efficient but also accelerates its productivity and ease usability.

Over the last few years, AI and its advancements have skyrocketed transforming development and design industry with a major shift of innovations. It has been the technology that has contributed most to the technological evolution and it’s a dire need to dip hands in incorporating it into your business operations or else you will be lagged behind. According to the Statista report, by the end of 2020, Artificial intelligence’s global market value is recorded to have crossed the threshold of above 17 billion U.S. dollars

AI together with machine learning can cater to some exceptionally immersive techniques to indulge your users. The major uses are:

  1. Object Identification
  2. Image Recognition
  3. Detection & Classification
  4. Geophysical Feature Detection

Taking note of such fast-paced evolutions created by AI, ever wonder how AI would function when it gets incorporated in Android App Development. Below mentioned are the prominent benefits and transformation identified over integrating Android Apps with AI.

Role of AI for Android Development

AI makes a machine capable to function, interact, and operate more like humans. It is basically humanizing machines and robots who now can not only walk like a human but can process like a human brain- the strongest part of a human body. The AI robots now match the level of human intelligence in task completion and in inducing creativity.

The AI bots analyze the requirements and make a decision according to cater the needs rightly. By incorporating AI algorithms, apps have become much more responsive and are subjected to multiple emotional challenges. As these apps are not biased towards a particular opinion or judgment, they can effectively cater a strong judgment and opinion based on facts and figures. Due to its impressive ability to accelerate efficiency, it has been introduced into many sectors like hospitality and tourism industry.

The Need of AI in Android Devices

Among the early birds who adopted the AI integration was Google as it announced its new stance of carrying out operations shifting the aim from “Mobile First” to “AI First”. The company is then introduced a huge number of toolkits and programs. The motto behind creating a new line of products and introducing a new set of technologies based on the revised agenda was to make the technology accessible on a basic level.

In this way, for Android platforms, experts working at the android app development company can now smoothly create AI apps. Among the new seriesof toolkits, Android Jetpack is making huge progress. It enables Android app developers to simply start mobile app development efficiently.

The top features evolved due to the incorporation of AI in Android apps include:

Landmark Detection

With Landmark Detection feature on 2D image assist to find the particular points in an image. The landmark detection can play its part in referring to initial step for many other forms of detection including facial detection as well.

Image Labeling

Developers to perform the image labelling process use image labeler app. It helps to effectively label the ground date present in a collection of images. You can also label the region of interest of a picture for the purpose of pixel semantic segmentation, image classification or object detection.

Face Detection

Face Detection is defined as the proficient computer technology to scan the user’s face and create an id to unlock phones or to make the operation accessible. It assists in detecting faces in real time for the purpose of surveillance and protection. At present, it is extensively used in IOS and Android cameras for classifying multiple appearances in the frame.

Text Recognition

Text recognition is the process where the bot identifies the text present in videos, images or in a design and then to recognize the same text in any other media file. Once the text is recognized, it is then broken down into different segments to decode its meaning to reveal the core purpose of the text. For app developer the feature of text recognition service as stand-alone app.

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