Digital Marketing Tips: 7 tips that you can implement in one day

Clear, long-term and well thought-out online marketing strategies should be the backbone of any online marketing activity. In addition to all long-term perspectives, however, there are always a number of possibilities and approaches for quick implementation (so-called “quick wins”). In this blog post we have collected 7 digital marketing tips that you can implement within a day.

7 Awesome Digital Marketing Tips

1: Using 404 Pages as a Marketing Instrument

Most 404 pages are boring and offer no added value. They only point out to the user that the requested, entered page does not exist. What should be on the 404 page depends on what kind of website you are running. If it’s a blog, for example, you could post your best rated or most read posts. If, on the other hand, it is an online shop, it is best to integrate the search function on the 404 page or to present popular products / categories.

However, the goal should always be to motivate the visitor to make another relevant click. That’s why the 404 page should always be analyzed. On the one hand, you can determine how many sessions (visits) have come to this page and, on the other, how users have behaved. For example, you can find out how high the bounce rate was.

2: Install Open Graph Tags

Open Graph Tags (similar to title and meta-description in Google’s search results) provide an improved preview of a page to be shared via Facebook.

The following elements can be optimized using the Open Graph Tags: title, description, type and image. Here are two examples of title and image optimization in Open Graphs: For the title, the award is made in the head area of ​​a web page and would look like this:

<meta property = “og: title” content = “18 tips you can put into a day”>

3: Tweet also old content again

Often content is shared only once via Twitter. The lifetime of a tweet is only very short. It is only seen by a part of your followers. Repeated sharing allows more retweets and more traffic. Especially evergreen content is very well suited for this. An example of this is our page about Online Marketing Tools  or the Google Analytics Tools page. Both live from updates and can therefore be meaningfully re-distributed via social media or in the newsletter.

4: Lower AdWords click rates when reaching budget limits

If you notice that you keep coming back to your preset budget limits in AdWords, you’re more likely to lower the click price than, for example, reducing your advertising time through the ad scheduler. Just lower the click price and see exactly how impressions, clicks and conversions develop. Adjust the click prices until the budget is exhausted. This will give you more clicks at the same cost.

If necessary, you should also check if you do not want to use a “shared budget”. In the AdWords account you can find it under “Settings”. There you can create a common budget for several campaigns. This is especially interesting when the click prices in your market segment are really high.

5: Link important pages about the imprint

The imprint of your company is probably linked from every page of the website. This means that the imprint gets a lot of link juice. You can use this link juice specifically to strengthen sub pages that are not linked via navigation, for example. For this you simply add the pages as a link below the actual imprint.

6: Analyze referring sites

Use your web analytics tool to identify pages that link to your website and bring many visitors or conversions. Then try to find similar pages, for example via

Suppose you run a shop for barbecue accessories and realize that a lot of traffic and conversions come through a barbecue forum, then you should try to find sites as similar as possible and to cooperate with these websites.

7: Reach fans and followers at the right time

Presenting new content at midnight through social media channels promises little success. But even during normal working hours, there are times when it’s better to post and times when reaching your target group is unlikely. In the Facebook Insights and other tools you can quickly find out when your fans are most active and why you should be active.