Difference between Parenting & Digital Parenting

Parenting has its significance and gets started the day we have opened our lives. Our parents did their best to protect us from all the possible dangers that we could face in our lives.So, parenting is been an old wine because since mankind has put his first step in terms of Adam and Eve parenting begins and it’s practicing till date by every parent all across the globe. A couple of decades ago parenting was the same it was running from the centuries. Parents in the post-tech era have to look after kids and teens outside the houses own their own. They have to look after both work and children at the same time. Parenting is been the crucial thing in parents life otherwise bullies, stalkers and sexual predators can trap your kids and teens in daily life. So, in old times it happens a lot and parents just don’t allow their kids and teens too much time outside the house.

However, since the technology has been advanced parents have to do parenting in multiple shapes. On the other hand, they have to stay updated all the time what kids and teens are doing and where they are present at the moment. Smartphone technology and its access to the children have put parents into deep trouble. Parents have to use the technology against the technology to apply digital parenting on kids and teens digital activities. Let’s discuss the basic difference between parenting and digital parenting.

What is parenting?

The activity bringing up a child is known as parenting and further to protect kids and teens from all real-life dangers or taking care of someone in the manner of the parent. However,researchers say there are four kinds of parenting styles that parents usually follows such as authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and uninvolved.  Let’s discuss these styles a bit briefly.

Authoritarian Parenting

Parents that are authoritarian usually do believe that children have to follow the roles that have fixed for them. They don’t take interest in negotiating the roles with their kids and teens and they just say,kids and teens, you have to do this without making an argument. They just enforce roles and consequences with little regard for their child opinion.

Authoritative Parenting

This type of parenting styles parents makes their own role sand they tell about the consequences to the children. But they also respect the opinion of the children, but they said adult’s ultimate authorities are adults.So, these sorts of parents behave with respect for their children cooperation and their opinion.

Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents are quite friendly in nature and they go with their kid’s nature. They don’t stick on the consequences all the time. But they hold the consequences just because their kids stay safe and protected. They fulfill all the promises they have made with the kids without making arguments.

Uninvolved Parenting

They allow their kids whatever they want and they expect kids to make their own decisions in order to learn about the hardships of life. In western culture, most of the parents practice this type of parenting style. So, uninvolved parents often seem to be neglectful of their kids and teens daily life.

What is digital parenting?

Parents that get involved in kid sand teens digital activities especially the children own mobile phone devices connected to the internet. Young kids and teens these days are obsessed with social media activities and also using dating apps and often trapped by cyber predators. Therefore, parents have to use cell phone and computer monitoring apps on kids and teens digital devices to do digital parenting. They used to of tracking cell phone calls and even monitor the logs of social media apps in terms of text messages, chat conversations, audio and video conversations and Voice messages. Moreover, parents even track the GPS location of kids and teens when they are outside the house such as at schools or going to visit the place outside the city with their peers. However, these parents have to do real-life parenting and as well as digital parenting to the fullest.


Parents these days have to do the parenting for the real –life and as well as digital parenting in order to deal with their activities online. However, technology has made parenting and digital parenting easy with the use of mobile phone monitoring software that keeps parents update about the real –life and digital activities of children.