Data Analyst Career Path in India

With time, technology is only enhancing. With enhanced technology, there is a huge data that is being processed each second. Analyzing this huge pool of data is very crucial for different businesses and corporations to extract the maximum benefit out of it. This is where skilled and qualified data analysts are hugely demanded. With a plethora of options and excellent salary scales, a future in data analysis is definitely promising.

Let us understand the different career paths for a data analyst.

Types of career for a data analyst

  1. Business Analysts

Here the analyst has to analyze the different business processes of the organizations they are associated with. This job requires lesser technical knowledge and more statistical skills. The analysts will have to evaluate different data and get the insights in order to processes it for business growth. They also need to make their observations clear to the entire organization.

Different organizations require different types of business analysts. Therefore, you need to know the process well, before applying.

  1. The basic Data Analyst

Opting for Data Analysis as a career requires a good understanding of programming languages, such as Python, Excel, SQL and more. The skill sets required is quite broad and the basic knowledge of problem-solving, mathematics and statistics is imperative. Organizations that deal with huge amount of data are always looking out for skilled analysts who hold the caliber of transforming the data into lucrative possibilities.

  1. Data and Analytics Manager

The Data and Analytics Manager will be in control of the entire data flow. They will need to direct the data science teams and set priorities that meet the organization’s purpose. Here, the individual needs to possess excellent technical skills, which includes Python, SAS, Excel, SQL, etc. They also need to have good communication skills, as they will be coordinating with other analysts on the team. Qualified Data and Analytics Managers are highly demanded by companies, such as Motorola, Coursera, Slack, etc.

  1. Data Scientists

This profession needs extra skills and is also very lucrative for those who can excel well. The analysts will need to have a thorough knowledge of different skill sets, where they will need to deal will raw data, evaluate them, analyze the possibilities, and with statistical techniques, draw out a beneficial conclusion. Companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Google and always in search of a qualified Data Scientist. And the salary is of course brilliant!

  1. Data Architects

Big Data, as we know it, is quite a rage in the present age. The role of a Data Architect in Big Data is quite crucial. The professional has to set out blueprints for the entire data management systems in order to maintain and protect the data sources. The Analyst needs to have a sound knowledge in Database Designing and needs to integrate data from diverse discrete data sources for drawing relevant facts.

  1. Data Engineer

Here, you need to possess knowledge of software engineering. If you love handling large data, this may be a good career option for you. Skilled Data Engineers have a good understanding of different programming languages, which enables them in mastering different techniques while implementing statistical programming.

  1. The Database Administrator

At present, almost all the corporate houses are looking for analysts who hold the skill and qualification to explore and utilize all the available data and the data sources. This is where a data Administrator’s role is required. The analyst evaluates different sources of data and makes it relevant for the company. They also ensure that the processes are examined and safe. It is these professionals who make sure that there is no mishap.

Apart from the different career paths, you can also make a lot of money being a Data Analyst. Therefore, if you are pursuing a career in the same, the aforementioned career options may help you decide your lucrative future.

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