Consumers opt in to a Brand’s Text Messages

Top Five Reasons Why Consumers opt in to a Brand’s Text Messages

There are many different reasons customers opt-in to a brand’s text messages. Many people get offers to subscribe to email newsletters. Brand’s text messages texts are focused on engaging contacts and help them make a buying decision. There is huge potential for the brand’s text messages people reach for their phones dozens of times per day, sixty-four percent of people think that brands should use text messages to interact with customers. Customers love deals! Thirty percent of customers said that receiving coupons was the main reason why they would opt-in to a brand’s text messages. Customers subscribe messages for the brand they trust as a link within an unknown text message could be a scam, knowing your company wouldn’t be associated with spam or phishing sites, customers feel better about clicking on it. Brand’s text messaging is a very effective way to communicate with your consumers if they opt for it. The top five reasons why consumers opt into a brand’s text messages are:-

  1. To receive discount coupons
  2. To receive personal alerts
  3. For quick access to information
  4. To participate in contests
  5. For event notifications

However it has a low adoption rate in B2B sales. If you are already advertising a promotion via e-mail, print, and social media, don’t forget to share it via text message too. People who are not using the internet or do not even have a smartphone can also read text messages. It’s important to remember that nearly half of all cell phone users in the world do not own a smartphone, Sending text messaging is easy and there are a lot of fun ways to use it. You couldn’t be more wrong if you consider it to be old fashioned. If you read a text message like “Did you see our email?” it may encourage you to find out what’s out there in your mailbox, SMS text messaging has a higher open rate compared to emails. It is an excellent way to grow your audience and find potential new customers.

“Less is more” Customers like quick ways to access info so try to make your messages short and crisp. Add quickly to load links that lead the customer to a useful webpage. Due to the fact it earns higher open rates Brand’s text messages marketing strategies have gained popularity because it encourages customers to use mobile coupons, this a highly effective method of increasing sales. Texting as a more trusted and personal way to communicate this can be an automated process if your email marketing software integrates text messaging. Receiving the essential info via SMS text message is convenient, it is highly cost-effective and is also known to be much more effective than many other forms of marketing.

Along with the old fashioned cell phone users’ smartphone users also love SMS messaging. Text message marketing brings out the greater return on investment, opting into communications has never been easier. Sometimes it’s much easier to reference a text message than it is to find an email in our inbox. Not only is it the most popular feature text message marketing has come up as one of the best ways to improve mobile engagement with customers. Texting has become the most used feature of smartphones and adding a brand’s text message marketing tactics to your strategy is an easy choice, it’s just about getting customer’s mobile numbers to engage with your brand.

Before starting with SMS marketing you should have a clear list of people who have opted to receive messages from your brand, spamming people with texts is considered morally wrong. Making loyalty programs accessible on smartphones and sending updates via text messages is the most effective way to drive member engagement. You can measure the performance of your campaigns with the help of several tools available these days and improve your results. Increasing amounts of the email being sent have decreased the mail open rate, text messages have approx. ninety percent open rate, while email has only about twenty percent open rate. In the beginning days of SMS marketing many marketing industries were engaged in purchasing a mass database of phone numbers and sending texts to all of them. Today trends have changed and messages are only sent to people who opt to receive them.

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