Cloud Gaming to Play High-End Games

Cloud Gaming to Play High-End Games

Cloud gaming is the future of gaming. Games development are going at a lightning-fast pace. Not every user is able to keep up with the new updates, Sometimes the game you waited for months are finally released. But you can’t simply play it because you need to upgrade your GPU which costs too much and you are not able to afford it now. But there is a way that lets those who want to play High-end end games for pc using their non-high end machine to play. Using the cloud gaming systems.

The cloud gaming is a part of the huge technology of Cloud computing.Which allows using server machines for many other uses than just playing games.

Cloud Gaming

As known as Gaming on demand is a type of playing games online. There are two main types of cloud gaming. First one is based on Video streaming and the second one based on file streaming. We will discuss the video streaming type in this article as it is the easiest one to perform and everyone can start it right now.


Mainly, Gaming on demand is running your favorite game on some High-End server machine. While you give the orders to the game using your own keyboard and mouse ( or joystick and any other input gaming device).

How does it work

The whole idea of cloud gaming is very simple. you just need to get an account on one of the cloud gaming services providers. Then you use it to play over the internet using their High-End machines. They regularly update the computers to let users have the latest experiences of every high-end game available now.

  • The server starts to broadcast a live video streaming of the desired game to the user’s pc. So you can (as the user) see the game on your screen like it’s running on your own pc.
  • The client in your pc sends the commands from your keyword and mouse ( or any other input device as joysticks ) To the server.
  • The server receives your commands and simulates it in the running game so you see the reaction right when you press a key on the game. You are controlling the game now.

So, To summarize the whole process now you will find out that you are already playing the game. Enjoying everything in it and you are even saving your progress like it is running on your pc. But all that you need is a good internet connection and nothing more.

And for sure you can only try demo games for free. But to play a full game you have to buy it using any method which the service provider will let you use. Mostly it’s done using a Steam account.

There are many Cloud gaming services providers. One of the best is

Here is a guide on how to use it :

  1. You will need to create an account on and finish the verification step using your email address.
  2. Then you need to download and install the client which is not bigger than a 500kb file.
  3. You have to create a steam account if you don’t already have
  4. After, You should start searching for your desired game in, After finding it just click on the play Button.
  5. Note that you can find a section called ( Demo games) where you can try all the demo games for free.
  6. Then the client will pop up and asks you to log in using your steam account.
  7. The game will start now and you can enjoy playing it as much as you can.

Note to remember

Here are some cornerstone notes that you can’t ignore while using this services:

  • Internet connection is the main method used for cloud gaming. No internet connection or suffering slow connection will lead to a bad experience.
  • You can just play Demo games for free. But you can’t play a full new released game for free. ( Allowing that will be a big copyright violation)
  • You can buy games and subscriptions using your steam account.
  • You don’t need to download any files but the client of the service provider.


Cloud gaming is a part of the cloud computing technology. You can use cloud gaming to play high-end games on low end pcs with no problems.

There are many service providers for cloud gaming. The one featured in this article is not the only one. You can search for more.

The service is not totally free. Only demo games can be tested for free, Other normal games is a pay to play games.

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