Brand Identity Powerful through Logo Design Trends

Top Tips to Make Brand Identity Powerful through Logo Design Trends

A logo is a visual brand identity that has much more impact on the potential market then various other marketing tools and elements that a business uses. A logo interacts with the market on a grander scale because it is present at almost all the marketing frontiers. Be it the official website, brand packaging, email, social media platforms, or the physical outlets of the business; the logo is positioned to define the business message to the audience from all the sort of diversified backgrounds.

A logo has to communicate with the audience in as limited time as possible. A highly functional logo is the one that is capable of hooking the eyes, delivering the message effectively, and sticking to the memory for long. At the top of all, a logo has to define the brand identity to the audience at first glance. Delivering the brand identity through a small image with a few colors, a specific design, and a font style is not easy. A designer needs to put in a lot of effort to formulate a perfect collaboration of all the elements to have a powerful impact on the audience’s perception of the brand.

This article is presenting the readers with all the trending design concepts for logos that can help the designers accomplish their identity-building goals. Professional designers,as well as the ones who use online logo maker software tools to make free logo & download it, can benefit from this article. Going through them will inspire the designers to make suitable design decisions for their brand logo designing.

Animating the Logo

The current era is the digitized era where 90% of marketing goals are achieved through the internet. The audience spends hours online, and so, the brands have to interact with them on the same platforms in order to be known. In such times, animation logos can be an exceptionally effective tool for more interactive identity development.

Animated logos are better at grabbing attention, and they go very well with digital platforms. They can communicate volumes when it comes to business values because they are far more fluent than a static logo. Following this logo trend can help businesses attain their brand building goals faster.

Hand-drawn Logo

With the increase in the artificiality of our surroundings,we are learning to value originality and individuality. This is the reason that makes the audience go awestruck when they see a hand-drawn logo. A hand-drawn logo is efficient for making a brand appear natural, creative, and reliable. Moreover, a hand-drawn logo never goes out of fashion because it is centralized around originality and individuality.

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Minimalistic Logo

To deliver a brand image that would stick to the minds of the audience, a designer has to keep the logo minimalistic. That is because logo designs that are clustered with different elements tend to give the audience overwhelming vibes and they become distracted. On the other hand, a minimalistic logo design is based on the core message of the brand, and it easily conveys the brand message to the audience within the first interaction. Minimalistic design is more memorable as well because it is easier to remember simple, yet focused brand identities.

Geometric Logo

Logo designs that have geometric forms are more direct when it comes to demonstrating a brand identity. Geometric logo designs are not only more exciting visually, but they are good at hitting the right targets as well.Every geometric form possesses a certain message and including it in a specific way in the design can help the design formulate the message in less complicating manner. For instance, a logo that has a circle in it can easily refer to the concepts of ‘Nature,’ ‘Motherhood,’‘Technology,’ ‘Astrology,’ and so on. That is because these concepts are associated with ideas that can be represented with circular objects.Similarly, all other shapes have their own attributes that a designer can attach to the brand identity and simplify the brand message.

Use of Negative Space

Adding more value to a logo without increasing the number of elements that are being used is the real art of a designer. Using negative spaces in logo design to demonstrate a brand identity is a creative take that can boost the functionality of the logo to a much greater extent. Negative space allows the designer to present a brand’s values in multiple folds so that if the information is not conveyed effectively by the first glance, the audience will get it in the second. And the audience who already have grasped the idea in one go can have more details with the second look due to the subtle, but meaningful use of negative space.

Fewer Colors, more Meaning

 The latest trend of logo designing is to use as minimal colors as possible. This is a trend that is designed to make the logo more focused. Too much color use in a logo design overwhelms the audience and increases the chances of them missing the main point. The trend that is followed presently by professional logo designers is to use no more than three colors in a logo. This limitation proliferates the productivity of the logo and makes it suitable for various platforms.

These are some of the most trending and practical tips that logo designers can use to attain their goal of maintaining a powerful brand image.

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