Biggest Appointment Scheduling Mistakes your Business can Easily Avoid

Biggest Appointment Scheduling Mistakes your Business can Easily Avoid

Scheduling is a complex and a tiresome aspect. It needs a lot of planning and foreseeing and can become a nightmare when not handled well. Often many small businesses like salons, spas, yoga centers depend on appointments. We often see them making very common mistakes that leaves them with reduced bookings that can totally affect their business. It can be tricky balancing the number of customers and quality of service. Often miscalculations lead to overbooking or underbooking which can be extremely dangerous for business growth.

Here we are going to talk about some of the most common scheduling mistakes made by a small business that can be easily avoided.

Not using any tools

Manual scheduling may seem nice in beginning but it is one of the most time-consuming things that will take up a lot of your time. But it is not something you can neglect as a business owner. Automating your scheduling through an appointment system is the best way to avoid one the most common mistake any business makes. But there are so many options out there that offer online scheduling. But you need a smart system that is tailor-made for your business.

Pick time is one such appointment scheduling system. It has features like reminders, an online booking link, staff and customer management, Email notifications and much more which results from better conversion rates.

Notifications and Reminders

Did you know that 80% of no-shows and cancellations happen due to customers forgetting that they actually booked for an appointment? Having to call your clients to remind them of their bookings can be time-consuming. You either need to get away from your work in order to do that or hire a front desk personnel to do it for you.

The Biggest Appointment Scheduling Mistakes your Business can Easily Avoid

Most of the times, small businesses don’t need a receptionist at all. Send your customers automated notifications or reminders about their bookings can result in reduced no-shows and missed appointments. You also get time to spend on doing what you love the most and providing quality service which can gain you a lot of trusted customers.


It’s quite common to see salons accepting a lot of appointments and yet don’t have the resources/staff to tend to customers. A lot wait time is one of the reasons why customers lose confidence over a business and never come back. Angry customers and being understaffed can cause a lot of damage to any growing business. Most businesses that follow manual scheduling face this problem. Having a proper schedule make sure that you are never overbooked, underbooked or double booked.

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Lack of guidance for team

It’s often seen that when an appointment is booked a lot of important information gets lost or overlooked in translation. Providing your staff access to their calendars will not only reduce the load off your back, but it also keeps your team members informed and in the loop about their everyday schedule. They can even exchange appointments with other staff when they need to take a day off. When this is done, you create a better workplace environment for your staff which in return gives helps them strive better to give their best at work.

Not keeping track

Imagine you are happily enjoying your vacation and suddenly you get bombarded with customer phone calls? Any change of schedule must be immediately reflected to avoid any chaos with trusted customers. That is when closed dates and time blockers come in handy. In Pick time you can add closed dates to your account ahead of time so that there are no open slots for booking in the dates you choose. You don’t have to inform each and every client of yours that you will not be available in the next few days.

Just a few quick clicks and you are all set to enjoy your holidays and public holidays without any disturbances.

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