Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $500 just for you

Best Mirrorless Cameras Under $500 just for you

Taking surreal photographs has become a mode of entertainment nowadays. And when DSLRs are concerned, every one of us has a soft corner for it. Not because we tend to become professional photographers, but because we are highly obliged with the quality of images that it offers. But don’t you think just for taking good photographs, DSLR is too much of a fancy? Exactly, everyone of us can’t afford it too. And we respect the passion that costs to become a photographer by profession. And now what if we recommend you with something going parallel with the DSLR’s quality? Don’t you believe? You can definitely do the same, despite taking the bulge of buying a DSLR. And the troubleshooter’s name is Mirrorless cameras.

But what is a Mirrorless camera?

Conventionally a DSLR camera contains a mirror, but as the name suggests, a mirrorless camera doesn’t include a mirror. As the mirror is absent in the mirrorless camera, you get a more compact body with lesser weight. If we go technical wise, our smartphone cameras also are a kind of mirrorless cameras. But then out of the blue, why do we tend to go for mirrorless cameras? The answer is, this kind of cameras are better than those costly DSLRs on the market; offering us with a potential image quality, video recording as well as auto focusing. Because there is no mirror present in this camera, the auto focusing becomes easier than DSLRs, and you get to capture pictures more efficiently. Apart, there’s no sound of autofocus while you intend to record videos or capture quality images. Mentioned below are 2 Best Mirrorless Cameras that are available on the market. Get the nuggets of information about them and choose wisely.

Samsung NX3000
Samsung brand has got millions of fans; steadily and gradually it’s making the best possible effort in bringing variety. With Samsung NX3000 you are offered with 16-50mm Power Zoom lens. Also, you get an option for buying 20-50mm compact zoom lens along with the first one. Apart, you are provided with a charger, battery, USB cable along with an image editing software of Adobe Lightroom 5.

Sony Alpha A5000
With Sony, we get to witness some of the greatest technological developments. And with Sony Alpha A5000, it happens to be the finest mirrorless camera under 500 dollars. Within the package, you will be offered with 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens along with the brilliant the movable LCD screen. Users are allowed to move 3.0” 468K dots LCD screen in the Y axis as well can flip 180 degrees. During the time of daylight photography, the LCD maintains the mettle. Through contrast detection, the camera efficiently auto-focuses on the subject intended by the one who is capturing.

Wrap Up…

Now that you have been familiar with 2 of the most efficient and best mirrorless cameras under $500, choose the camera for you wisely in order to capture surreal photographs. The reason is that you get to choose according to your needs.

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