5 Benefits of Using Interactive Whiteboards

5 Benefits of Using Interactive Whiteboards

From the time of schoolroom blackboards, hands full of chalk, and the joy when finding colored chalks times have improved. The whiteboard is the non-electronic “upgrade” of the classic blackboard, it uses a white glossy surface in which we can write with non-permanent markers, then erase and clear the board very easy.

In its purpose, the chalkboard and whiteboard are mainly dedicated to spreading knowledge and that is the most common use of them even today.

Today with the crazy pace of technological innovations, the whiteboard has also been upgraded to digital boards, even more, integrated solutions such as touch TVs and monitors with whiteboard software included. With this upgrade, the consumer pays more up front, but in the long run, escapes from recurring costs (who needs to order markers anymore?).

From the creative point of view, the options that a digital whiteboard gives us are limitless, but what makes a whiteboard experience a good experience? What is the ultimate interactive whiteboard experience? Well, there is no answer, since every specific user has its own ways of using the input available to achieve the specific output via different processes.

In this article, we will try to give you a few tips on use cases dedicated to improving your whiteboard experience for more creative, effective and productive results!

Why Go Digital?

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Why the investment? The question is why go digital? Besides what we mentioned before regarding costs, what are the benefits of our processes from using interactive whiteboards? Well based on our experience we have identified two core benefits of going digital:

  • Communication

This is the most critical factor that will be upgraded via interactive whiteboards. Imagine that your teacher asked you a question and as a reply, you deliver a picture or even show a detailed video for a more interactive approach, instead of just a verbal response! Cool, right? Well, you can do this with ease nowadays! Most whiteboard software allows you to share rich media, images, videos, links and all types of files! Not only to the people present in front of the screen but to all attendants of the meeting. Plus, the owner of the session can then send the log of the whole session as a future reference for all.

  • Engagement

With improved communications, it is natural that we will get more and more engagement from all of the attendants of the meeting/session, especially when paired with a compatible video conferencing equipment. Each user can easily annotate at any point on the whiteboard, with his/her specific color in a way that every feedback is identified on an individual level. With the interactive whiteboards, there is no one-way communication/presentation anymore, everything is being shared with all participants, allowing for better engagement with the data being discussed and more open feedback on top of the data in real-time!

The Meeting is over! Don’t Shut Down Your Interactive Whiteboard, Use It!

The biggest mistake of using collaborative products such as interactive whiteboards is not using them for individual tasks, but outside the collaborative sessions.

Boosting your productivity and organizing yourself via the interactive whiteboard will take your tasks to the next level. Like a productive ninja, you will see checkmarks flying like shurikens!

The good thing about interactive whiteboards is that you can create as many sessions/pages/categories as you like, and in that way, you can also use it to help yourself in:

  • Daily tasks

Creating a task list that is private is a priority for everyone. But, if we have the list only for ourselves, it might be a reason to delay those tasks and keep changing the schedule. If the daily tasks are public and visible on the whiteboard the “public pressure” will be a good cause for you to keep on track and on schedule.

  • Brainstorming

Coming up with a good idea is not easy, it may require numerous drafts of work until you have something solid. And, by saving paper we save our planet, right? So, doing concept drawings on the whiteboard can be better for making quick sketches with the freedom of colors and unlimited paper! Plus, you can put other info there such as objectives and have them in your direct sight so that they impact your brainstorming sessions and also keep you on track and not move a lot from the objective.

  • Quick Presentations

If you are in need of a quick presentation and you really don’t like using PowerPoint or similar software, you can start creating your presentation on the interactive whiteboard ASAP! Use your own style, create the “template” with one color, save the page, and then start adding elements with other colors and save new pages. Open the template, then repeat, and in no time you will have a custom made a presentation!


Interactive whiteboard limits are related to human mind limits only! Which means that there is a purely unlimited creative usage of the whiteboards!

Feel free to share with ease the way you use the interactive whiteboard. What is your most common use case?

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