1More Quad Driver review

1More Quad Driver Review

Truly wireless earphones are the new trends in the premium audio market. Everyone has started ditching the traditional wired headphones. Instead of it, the wireless experience is something they are looking out for. But, wired earphones still provide better transmission for audio and entertain us. There are many wired earphones which will come half the price of wireless ones and still provide better audio experience. Earphones with single drivers, two drivers and even three drivers to ensure better sound quality. But, the 1More Quad Driver earphones pack four drivers each. The product comes at a premium price of around Rs. 13,000. But, do these many drivers get things going? Do they make a mess out of it? Let’s check it out in the 1More Quad Driver earphones review below:

Design and Specifications

One might not like the concept that the company is charging hefty money just for wired earphones. Honestly, 1More has tried enough to convince the buyers with its looks and appearance. The product looks premium and has a solid build quality. The metal casing looks well designed. Just like some jet engine design with redness to make it more brilliant.

The canal pipes are the talk of the day as they are bigger and comes at 45 degrees angle. As per 1More, this will improve the fit and comfort. And, that is absolutely true! This pair sits tight and fit in the ears giving a comfy feeling. The silicone tips are fresh and light. One can keep them in their ears for long hours and won’t feel any discomfort or uneasy-ness.

Not only the ear tips and casing, but also the in-line remote, Y-split, and the jack looks good. The twisted texture makes this wireless tangling. Although, you get to hear a bit of noise when the cable touches your shirt.

The 1More Quad Driver earphones have four drivers in each earbud including three armature balanced drivers and a graphene dynamic driver. The three drivers handle highs and mids while the dynamic driver handles lows. Also, these earphones ate THX certified and were tested by Grammy-Award winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi.

Out of the beautiful package, you get the earphones, a user manual, and nine pairs of ear tips of different sizes plus three foam pairs. There is also a carry case, an airplane adapter, a shirt clip for the cable, and a 3.5mm-to-6.3mm adapter. This earphone gets the frequency going from 20Hz to 40,000Hz, 32Ohms of impedance rating, and a sensitivity rating of 99dB. You can buy this device online using Amazon Promo Code with great discount Click Here: https://www.indiashoppers.in/amazon-deals-offers


The 1More Quad Driver earphones are more inclined towards its audio quality. If you are going for audio quality and not thinking much of design aspects, this is a killer product, period! These earphones can get as loud as possible. Even if you are listening to music at a moderate volume, these are loud and balanced. Taking the volume level at top-notch, the music will get loud and louder but still balanced. That’s where the quad driver setup comes in play!

From instrument separation to the soundstage, everything is perfect and it all comes from this multiple driver setup only. The sound stage is wide which is very impressive. One can easily hear the interplay of instruments which won’t let you miss any element of the track. The sonic signature adds bit dynamics to the neutral sound and one will actually love it. The dynamic driver handles the lows very well while the other three keeps the highs and mids well-defined too. Also, the frequency range never overshadowed other- all thanks to different drivers doing their job easily.

The 1More Quad Driver earphones have a microphone module which can give you the liberty to take voice calls. You get to have a hands-free device for voice calls which works pretty fine. On both the ends, there is no such problem of grainy noisy or background noises. It just works very fine.

Final Verdict

The 1More Quad Driver earphones are definitely a beautifully designed and excellent pair when it comes to sound quality. The four drivers system in each earpiece gives you many benefits when it comes to listening to songs. And, if you are an audiophile, this pair doesn’t let you miss even a single string of a guitar or any element in the track. It is a well-built, solid product and its mic works fine too. One might only complain about its price which is skyrocketing.

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Coming at Rs. 13,499, this pair of earphones is expensive. Only if you are an audiophile, this pair might entertain you. There is also a Triple Driver model available which comes at Rs. 7,399 and offers a lot. But, the Quad Driver is one notch higher than the Triple Driver one. So, if you are willing to pay this hefty price, then the Quad Driver earphones are more than worth buying.

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